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Solar powered sun-catcher sculpture illuminates streets

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Sun-catcher sculpture is an innovative way to illuminate a street using solar energy. Artist Dee Dee Morrison and her Morrison Studio have designed and installed this solar powered sun-catcher sculpture at Clearwater in Florida, U.S.A. Built with integrated solar panels at the top, the sculpture can produce light for the street when it is dark. In the daytime, this sculpture harvests power from sunlight and shines in the dark. The edifice was set up as a part of Clearwater, Florida’s Sculpture360 art program.

Solar light sculpture

The sun-catcher is a 15-foot tall figure, which is made of recycled aluminum and yellow Lucite panels. The structure situates in the middle of a street so that it has better sunlight exposure and it can provide light in nearby areas. Solar panels are integrated into the top of the yellow sculpture. The sculpture adds to the splendor and sustainability of the street.

The Sculpture360 art program was conducted by Clearwater’s Public Art and Design Program in association with the Downtown Development Board. Many enthusiasts visited Clearwater to enjoy the solar energy harvesting sculpture. Of course, the edifice is a better example for the world’s energetic efforts to set up a new culture of solar power and sustainable energy.

The idea behind sun-catcher is quite illuminating, indeed. Other cities and townships can also build similar structures with solar panels to produce light in dark. Besides bringing light for the street, the sun-catcher sculpture adds to the grandeur of the city. It can educate people about the importance of sustainable energy when the world is moving to big energy crisis.

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