Solar Power LED lights for your garden

Solar LED lighting is becoming more popular with the passage of time. They are environment friendly, made up of high quality material and offer a wide range of designs as well. These are capable of withstanding natural forces like storm, rain, thunder, etc. Hence, they are an appropriate choice for lighting up your garden and outdoors. They can be safely used for driveways and pathways to ensure safety and security. They are reliable, versatile, a great source of renewable energy, easy to install and safe. They deliver as much light as the traditional bulbs but use just a fraction of energy. Hence, they save you a huge chunk of money, lowering the consumption of electricity. They also keep the environment clean. Also, if you want your outdoor led strip lights waterproof, this is a great option.

Working and life:

Solar lights work by capturing the ultra violet rays of the Sun. they use solar panels and convert solar energy in to electricity. They have batteries used for the storage of the converted energy obtained from the rays of the Sun. These lights have a greater longevity than the other types of outdoor lighting available like CFLs, halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs, etc. the LED used inside the bulb can last up to 25 years. It would not be necessary for you to change a broken or burnt out bulb in the light.


When compared to convention garden lighting systems, solar powered LEDs are very easy as well as convenient to install. These lights are not connected together by wires or cords. There is no need of excavation for installing these lights. Hence, the risk of accidents like electrocution or tripping over the cord is lowered to a great extent. They can be moved from one place to the other as per your wish. In order to obtain a higher longevity with your lights, make sure that you charge them for a few days under the Sun before installing them in your garden. No regular maintenance is required as such. The effectiveness of your solar panel can get a set back by the amount of dust and soot accumulating on it. Only you have to clean it with a damp cloth regularly to make it work at its best. It helps the solar panel absorb more solar energy and give you more lightly in your gardens and outdoors.

The only con with these systems is the battery. Malfunction of the battery is the most common problem you would encounter. You need to keep changing the batteries from time to time.

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