Water Bottles and the environment

The environment belongs to everyone and it should therefore be the responsibility of everybody to contribute toward keeping it safe. It so happens that there is presently so many options, which allow you to actually choose from environmental friendly items, thereby helping you toward the move.

From green toilets, to green fuels, from green food to green fashion, everything is being promoted effectively all over the world. A strict movement against banning plastic bags has also begun and is showing some results.

Another point of concern should be shifting to eco-friendly water bottles. A human being needs at least 3.5 litres every day and should therefore have options by which to hydrate themselves.

Not that the task is easy, but there is a way by which you can shift from buying packaged drinking water all the time.

The Reason for the Change

Packaged drinking water in plastic bottles might seem to be a very safe option. However, after many tests that have been conducted, it has been found that the water is not so pure after all. Of course, the advertisements will always say things like water from fresh spring or from the hills, but most of the times, it is the plain simple water but effectively treated of course, in order to get rid of the chlorine and the smell.

What is even worse is to use those bottles again. Though it is clearly mentioned to dispose of it, many of us do not do that. This affects the water as well and then there is the matter of plastic bottles.

Yes, the packaged water that you are buying from the market might show that the bottles can be recycled. However, how many of us manage to do so? In addition, plastic is naturally not good for the environment. Hence, it is better if plastic bottles are given a miss, since they do not help the environment.

Using Eco Friendly Water Bottles

There are plenty available in the market and you should choose some of them. The only down side is that you might have to carry your water around. At least, even if it is not possible to do it all the time, it is advised that you curtail the use of packaged water in plastic bottles as much as possible.

Get a good water purifier and drink all you want. In addition, even if you do have to carry your water around, it is a small price to pay when compared to what the environment is going through.

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