Small floating Island with green cottage rests on 5,000 used plastic bottles

We have always maintained that plastic is one of the biggest hazards to the planet not just because of its toxic nature, but more importantly its widespread use. With its unique properties that allow it to be molded into any fashion and its cheap production cost, plastic has become hugely popular in a relatively short span of time. While modern environmentalists are trying to encourage people to move away from plastic and on to biodegradable material, the transition seems slow and painstaking.

An island made of plastic waste

In the city of Trivandrum in India though, an organization called Trivandrum Global City of Innovation (TGCI) has decided to spread awareness and bring attention towards the growing problem of plastic waste with the construction of a small floating island which uses over 5,000 PET bottles for its base. The small artificial island structure is pretty sturdy as it can support around 22 people at any given time and a small bamboo hut on top offers cool shelter. The bamboo allows the cottage structure to be light and strong at the same time.

Solar panels have been used to light up the cottage and its creators believe that they can create similar structures in a more cost effective fashion. It is nice to see so many green elements being incorporated into the design of this cool green island that too in a part of India famous for its boat houses.

Via: Deccanchronicle

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