Skydrain promotes safe and social energy collection

We may have glanced through endless avant garde devices that take advantage of the advanced technologies to render an enriched user experience. However, there is still a tiny lot of makers and designers that thoroughly believes in creating solutions that benefit the society and environment at large. One such latest example is the Skydrain that concentrates on providing clean renewable energy to the present sprawl condition and other urban sites.

The Skydrain

Designed exclusively by Jared Moore, the Skydrain portrays a distinctive design which highlights that energy collection products can be safe and social. Since energy collection has quite a lot been a serious discussion topic for quite some time, the entire idea to employ renewable energy resources has started playing an extremely significant role in the energy collection sphere. Although the important ‘Green Movement’ has emerged as impressively influential across the globe, the moment tends to put forth the highest impact when gas prices escalate to affect consumers in a big manner. Despite this, the society as a whole somewhere fails to preserve energy by depending more and more the oil usage.

Keeping this into consideration, that’s where the concern for trimming down the use of oil gets highlighted. The new Skydrain conceptualized by JM certainly sheds light on changing the perceptions on how energy is collected and how it works and how the problem will not be solved by merely driving electric cars and installing solar panels. Designed to provide a more positive approach, the Skydrain aims at engaging the public on a level that no other Eco-friendly product has managed to do it before. At the same time, the concept emphasis on how great sources of energy like wind turbines, solar panels and hydro energy need to function together for the comprehensive enhancement of the way we collect energy.

Giving a brief outlining, the energy collection product ‘Skydrain’ stands distinguished for its notable ability to collect water and three different types of energy. Besides this, the project makes energy collection social and acquirable for the public – thereby enabling them to engage and interact with it. Although the highly purposive and innovatively devised Skydrain is only being displayed in the city of Phoenix, the project can also be employed by several other regions across the world.

To render energy for their respective culture and society, countries such as Africa, Haiti and India can also benefit from Jared Moore’s Skydrain. Considering the fact that rapid increases in population results into increased demands for the energy, the new way to provide energy entitled Skydrain can prove to be enormously helpful in allocating the energy to the urban areas where it is needed the most. Hopefully, through this, the way people perceive energy collection will be transmogrified for better.

Source: CargoCollective

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