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Simple yet effective tips for green living in winters

by Ecofriend1874

Going green is an initiative many individuals are increasingly opting for these days, what with pollution levels reaching alarming saturation points. It does not take much effort to become green. Opting for certain, subtle changes in our day-to-day activities would help us enjoy a healthier and more sustainable life with minimum effort. And in the process of bettering our own lives, we would give back to the environment in more ways than one. Therefore, here are some effective green living tips that would help you immensely, especially during the most winter season.


Winter is synonymous with cold weather, icy roads/sidewalks and plenty of snow piled up on everywhere.

Many individuals resort to using salt and ice melts to melt off the snow and ice.

These items can be purchased in every hardware store and would be effective in removing the snow and ice from the walkways and roads. However, not many know about the potential damaging effects of these items on the ice, and subsequently the environment.


These commercial products would have plenty of harmful chemicals like sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, etc, which are extremely toxic and can be potentially hazardous for plants, trees and waterways.

Studies reveal that just a single tablespoon of salt has the potential to contaminate at least five gallons of water permanently.

Therefore, refrain from using chemical based salts and ice melts during winters and opt for those that have less salt and a low toxicity rate. Also, opt for biodegradable products and make it a point to use these products sparingly.


It is also common for households to keep the lights switched on for entire days during the cold, dark winter season.

Try being more energy efficient by replacing heavy-duty fluorescent bulbs with compact ones that would be more energy efficient.

Fluorescent_LampIf you didn’t know, then compact fluorescent bulbs can save up to 300 lbs of CO2 every year in addition to preventing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to almost 800000 cars. Compact fluorescent bulbs also use less energy than conventional bulbs (at least 60% lesser).

Not to mention you can save plenty on your yearly energy bill (at least 40%).


It is not always about doing big things like buying hybrid cars that would help you become a greener individual. Opting for teensy weensy changes here and there can also help you go green, albeit any expenses. So follow these tips to live a sustainable, healthier and greener life this winter.

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