Simple ways to recycle Altoids tins

Altoid boxes have been refreshing bad breaths since the 19th century. The boxes come in variety of sturdy shapes that invite creative reuse. Many of us have been using these handy containers for storing things and organizing small knick knacks. Apart from that, there are many other things that can be created from recycling and reusing these mini tins.

A whole computer inside an Altoids Tin

This is a mind blowing project where a whole computer has been fitted inside an Altoid tin. Built with an 8-core 80MHz CPU, 32K RAM, video out, Ethernet port, speaker and infrared controller sensor, this computer is fully functional. You have seen the tin boxes used for emergency kits, cameras etc., but a computer inside an Altoid tin, are you kidding?

The Red Ferret points at the innovative technology that has been used for the computer and best thing about it is that comes in the form of a kit that you can assemble yourself on a holiday evening and credit yourself for creating a cool computer, extra geeky and off course extra green because you recycled a tin box and used it as a computer.

Solar USB charger with an Altoids Tin

Want a solar powered portable charger for your iPod? Well, you can make it using an Altoid tin. All you will need is a USB Charging Circuit, AA Battery Holder, AA Rechargeable Batteries, Solar Panel 4V or greater, 1N914 Diode, wire and off course the Altoid tin. Apart from these parts, you need soldering Iron, tin snips, tape, solder, melt glue gun and glue. A two hour time would be enough for crafting a cheap solar charger, which will easily fit inside your pocket.

Cool gadget charger

Make your own gadget charger this weekend using Altoid box, MightyMintyBoost kit and a solar cell. The most interesting part of the charger is you do not have to stick with the smaller solar cell; remove it and place the battery in other places like a backpack and plug the larger solar cell via Velcro.

iPod speakers

This is another cool DIY project to recycle Altoid tin boxes, which requires some complicated tweaking. Designed by Jordan Horwich, these iPod shaped speakers contain 2.25-inch speaker cone, Altoids tin Speaker amp, volume control and DIY battery holder. Its portability and compatibility with iPod and iPhone makes it perfect for camping trips and long journeys.

Self contained RPG game

If the USB charger and speakers made with Altoid boxes surprised you then you will be impressed by the creation of Mr. Greg Sanders, who incorporated all the components of an RPG games inside an Altoid tin box. He used a prototype board, micro controller and a battery to trigger the cinnamons box, so that games like Dungeons of Doom and other RPG video games could be played.

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