Simple tips to make your mobile home energy efficient

Your mobile home can become more energy-efficient now. Here are some tips that may help you cut down your energy bills by making a few changes to the utilities or to the systems installed within your mobile home. There could be a few options you might find expensive, but considering the overall fuel or electricity savings they do, your costs would soon be recovered and you would be thankful that you installed them.

  • Roof Coating and Insulation: Your electricity bills can effectively go down if the coating on your roof is cool enough. If you install a cool or white roof coating on your mobile home, it can reflect around 85% of the sunlight falling on your house and lower down the temperature. It also reduces smog. Additionally, up to 15 percent of insulation and heating costs can be reduced by installing a roof that is sloped and increases insulation in the ceiling.


  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: A little more than 10 percent of your energy bill is added due to lighting. So, it’s time you replace your regular light bulbs with more efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). This will help getting a better energy output from lighting. Apart from this, you should switch off your lights when not in use and clean the fixtures so you get better light.


  • Energy-Efficient Kitchen Practices: If you intend to reduce energy in the kitchen, cook more often using pressure cookers instead of open pots and pans. Also avoid using a microwave for smaller cooking needs. Do not overfill your refrigerator and get yourself Energy Star® appliances. Following such tips would bring down a lot of energy cost.


  • Efficient Mobile Home Windows: You may use regular or disposable plastic window covers that can bring about a good change in your energy bills. If the covers are disposable, you should get away with them during the summer season. Extra panes of glass can also be installed for constant energy savings. If you are using storm windows, make sure they are tightly fixed and sealed into the frames.


  • Prevention of Water Leakage: If there are leakage spots in your mobile home, they could raise your energy bills by creating moisture, as well as harm the house in other ways by causing rot, mildew and mold. Check all the places in your home from where leakage might be happening and seal those points or cracks on the roof, sidewalls, pipes, etc.

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