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Simple ideas to remove plastics from your kitchen

by Ecofriend1874

You have tried many times but it seems that every time you get rid of the plastics they somehow creep in right back. Imagining life without plastic is a tough task, as this eco-damaging material has become a part of many aspects of our lifestyle. If you are truly concerned about minimizing the use of plastics then start from your kitchen. It is the place where the health of your family is made.

Recycle, reuse and replace plastics over and over again until you have reached a safer spot. The effort we put on now in banning plastic from our life will help in shaping the future of our next generations, so don’t hesitate.

Turn to green kitchenware

Ceramic dishware

A lot of utensils and cooking ware is required if you are fond of home cooked meals. Homeowners have accepted plastic as a household and kitchen friendly material but the truth is completely different. Plastics, including the BFA-free ones, emit harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause health damage.

To avoid all the chemical and toxins you should choose the material of kitchenware and cookingware with care. Wood and metal are the safest choices. Ceramic and glass are good options for dishware. Bamboo is a stunning option and ladles made of them look simply gorgeous. Instead of throwing away, the plastic stuff use and recycle them, but away from the kitchen. For jams, jellies, pickles and spices, pick glass and metal containers that are free of chemicals.

Say ‘No’ to plastic packaging

organic food

A simple and healthy way of reducing the effects of plastic packaging from your life is to turn your attention towards organic and healthy food. Try to avoid plastic packaged foods like biscuits, cookies, cakes and burgers. Learn to bake and grill at home. Invest in some good quality appliances and make yummy treats for your family right at home. Start purchasing organic produces from local farmers. Opt for food packed in paper or cardboard boxes. Take totes made of cloth and other eco-friendly materials to stores with you, and put your purchases inside them.

Donate your non-stick cookware

non-stick cookware

Yes, you have heard it right. Non-stick cookware is not healthy and it should be donated or recycled. Cook in cast iron pots and pans, which are a healthier option.


Getting rid of the plastic made stuffs from your kitchen may seem like a hard to nail task in the beginning but with time and effort you will achieve the end-goals.

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