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Should Vertical Gardening Be Considered By Beginners?

Vertical Gardening Be Considered By Beginners

So many gardening types are now available for those that are enthusiastic about it. Nowadays, the most common ones are raised beds, container gardening, lasagna gardening and hydroponic gardening. Vertical gardening systems are not as popular as these but they should still be considered for their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

VERTICAL gardenGenerally speaking, vertical gardens are not often used in regular home settings. You often see these in a public area, like in hotels or at airports. That is because it is quite expensive to build the vertical gardens. At the same time, the process requires much effort and time. As a simple example, it is vital that the soil is always kept in specific condition. When this does not happen, soil falls off from the vertical structure, thus making the entire system useless.

It needs to be added here that the vertical gardens will not be great for every single plant you might want to grow. While you can use popular items like John Deere planter parts, this is a gardening type you tend to employ solely for the purpose of decoration. If your goal is to grow plants like fruits and vegetables, it is better to use regular options, like the container gardens. If using a vertical base, you generally want to stick to some smaller items like herbs and flowers. It is quite easy to create a lovely flower board when you mix flowers of various sizes and colors.


For many beginners, the vertical garden is something really difficult to create but that is not always the case as they tend to forget certain clear benefits. For instance, it is easy to save so much space since plants will be vertically grown. That is great for a person who does not have much space available. In smaller areas, setting up the vertical garden improves overall environment. Plants can clean air and improve aesthetics of the area in question at the same time.

In the event you decide that vertical gardening is something that is perfect for you, what is really important is to invest in the appropriate equipment and tools. One tool that you cannot afford to forget is the solid vertical base. It needs to be of a higher quality, although the material chosen is not that important. When the structure is capable to withstand the weight of the garden, the operations can start.

If you are a beginner, make sure that you start with a smaller vertical garden. After mastering necessary growing techniques, you can start work on a larger system. Be sure that you never forget about adding the drainage tray right at the bottom of the vertical garden as you build the structure. Much of the excess water is going to appear. This should never reach the floor, which is the most common mistake made by beginners. Besides this, all you need to do is going to be pretty straightforward as it is not at all difficult to deal with associated challenges.

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