Seven gadgets that will make your life green

Protecting the environment has become a necessity that we can neither ignore nor avoid anymore. If the right steps are not taken, now then maybe we won’t find any time in the uncertain future for living green. Everyone needs to consciously cut down their carbon foot print. Without the use of technology, you will never be able to achieve this goal. Thankfully, the tech scientists have been working hard to create new types of gadgets that will help you to live a green life. In our everyday life, we have to use gadgets. Unwittingly by using the wrong gadgets, you may be polluting your surroundings. In this article, seven gadgets that can change your lifestyle are discussed.



Kiwi fuel saving device

Without a little incentive, even saving the world isn’t fun. The Kiwi Fuel Saving Device is both fun and effective in cutting down the fuel usage in your daily life. You just need to plug it in and it will get all the necessary data from the OBDII or On Board Diagnostic Two. You can put the Kiwi device at any convenient place so that you can view the screen while driving. It gives you a score for your driving. The better your driving style and the more fuel you save the higher will your Kiwi score get. It comes at the hefty market price of $290. This is a unique gamey way of changing your driving style.

Maestro Occupancy or the Vacancy Sensing Switch

When it comes to turning off the lights before leaving a room our brain seems to get switched off itself. The first step of reducing energy/ electricity consumption to decrease the monthly expenditure should start from turning off the electric gadgets when they are not being used. Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy or Vacancy Sensing Switch is ultra smart. Getting this switch in your home will enable you to control the electricity bills because whenever you are out of the room the lights will be turned off, automatically.


Noon Solar Bags

This stylish sling bag has a solar panel on its outer side. This solar panel helps in turning sunrays into electricity, which can help you charge your iPhone, iPods, Androids and other small gadgets.

What’s Fresh App for iPhone

What’s Fresh app can help you find out the freshest and organic veggies and fruits near your area. Keep fit because you too are a part of nature.


Purely Anion Light Bulb

These light bulbs remove the harmful pollutants to keep your surroundings clean and also remove positive ions for keeping you happy and cheerful.


It is a free device, which you can get easily for daily use. This device helps you jot down necessary things like your grocery list and appointment lists. No need to waste trees for making papers any more.


Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm:

This gadget reduces the wastage of water while you take a shower.


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