Sense electric scooter promises a sensible ride for urban commuters

In an attempt to revolutionize urban transportation and address the ever-mounting environmental concerns at the same time, designers and auto manufacturers from all around the globe are coming up with innovative personal mobility solutions. With the growing environmental awareness and the challenges of urban commuting, people nowadays prefer electric rides to the gas-guzzling modes of transportation. Till date, we have seen so many concept electric scooters, but only a few manage to stand apart, and the Sense electric scooter is no exception.


Designed by Karina Karol of California, the Sense electric scooter runs on electrical and solar energy. Quiet easy and light to handle, the Sense concept electric scooter enjoys sophisticated technology and high-end features, which makes it different from the other run-of-the-mill concepts. To start with, the Sense scooter connects to your electronic devices like smartphone, email and your social networking accounts.

To compliment the smartness of the Sense electric scooter, the designer has integrated voice assistance feature within the Sense Helmet. It also has a navigational system that has been specifically designed for the Sense scooter, which will guide you make your way through the busy urban lanes. Moreover, to ensure a clean green ride, the Sense comes equipped with PV panel that exploits the sun’s energy to run the LED lighting system and the dashboard lights of the scooter.

The Sense scooter is sensible too, as it uses all the information it knows about you to help you out with your needs and offers you suggestions whenever you need them. Powered by the now, Sense also helps you find the available parking areas in the city.

The Sense by Karina Karol undoubtedly seems a fun and sensible way to ride the busy urban roads, as it not only helps you do your bit for the Mother Nature, but also adds fun to your ride.

Via: Behance

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