Secure trash load

Resolve to secure trash load, recycle e-waste, and report illegal dumping this New Year

With a whole new year coming just after a few days we all should think about taking up some resolutions that will help our environment and our planet. Waste and pollution are increasing at an alarming rate and we all should do our bit to control it to an extent in a way so that even if we can’t reduce it we could at least try not to add any more unnecessary waste to our environment. So with a whole new year coming up we should take up a new resolution to secure our trash loads, to recycle e – waste and to report any kind of illegal dumping.

Securing you load

It is very important to secure your load when you arriving. You should make sure that the loads are secured safely so it won’t allow loose trash to blow from your vehicle or trailer. The materials should be strapped down and covered as prevention to accidents and injuries. You are legally liable for any damage or injuries that may occur if part of the load comes loose. And this also makes perfect sense to protect your investments and fellow drivers. In few places when an unsecured load arrives at a disposal facility, additional fees are charged. These fees cover up the costs of extra staff time and effort required for litter cleanup.


Truck traps can be used to secure the load they also add privacy and security. If the valuable materials are covered then this will keep thieves at a bay as they are far less likely to bother if they don’t know what it is. With a properly fitted cover leaves and other yard possessions can also be controlled.

Recycling e – waste

Many electronic gadgets are becoming obsolete due to the rapid technological advancements and contribute to the world’s e-waste.  Electronics recycling is a very relevant issue today to contribute to the environmental efforts. During recycling these obsolete materials serve a different purpose from their original purpose for which they were made. Another way of recycle is to update or repair the gadgets instead of throwing them away. This way it can serve its original purpose and its durability is also increased or prolonged. The number of discarded and obsolete gadget is likely to increase exponentially over the next decade. The major concern is that these discarded gadgets contain toxic materials harmful to the environment.

The most important benefit of recycling electronic gadgets is the reduction of toxic chemical emissions. Less toxic chemicals are released in the environment as the number of gadgets for reuse increases. Refurbishing the gadgets will allow people to buy advance technology at a more affordable price. Recycling will enable the reduction of landfill space, since obsolete gadgets are usually thrown into landfills.


Report illegal dumping

Dumping chemicals of highly toxic nature into rivers can prove to be hazardous to the environment. It has an adverse and severe effect on the quality of water. It contaminates ground and surface water supplies which in turn affects public health as well as aquatic life. Many a time the beautiful rivers are subjected to this poisonous waste which pollutes the water and as a result large number of fishes dies.

Improper disposal not only pollute the environment but also cause serious health hazards like breast cancer, prostate cancer and childhood brain disorders. All these diseases are increasing at an alarming rate as the rate of contamination and pollution increases. The places where waste is illegally dumped are often freely accessible to people–even children–who may be seriously injured when coming in contact with hazardous chemicals.

Whenever, you notice illegal trash dumping in the area report it immediately.



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