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SBU V3: A truly handsfree self balancing unicycle

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A unicycle has never been considered as the most practical form of transportation, but with the advent of electric versions, the scope of using them has definitely been extended. Today, we will discuss a special variant, known as the ‘self balancing unicycle’ or simply SBU. Surprisingly, you will require a maximum of 20 minutes to learn the balancing act, with a few of you mastering the skill even in just five minutes.


The battery of the SBU is powered by a high voltage 53V/2.5Ah lithium ion phosphate battery pack that is capable of giving a range of 7.5 miles. The SBU V3 will take it to a top speed of 15mph and is capable of reaching from 0 to 10mph in just three seconds. With this configuration one can zip across the city for a good two hours, but at a leisurely pace. You can keep track of the remaining battery with the help of a LED status indicator.

One interesting feature of the SBU is that when out of battery, it will not abruptly throw the rider off the unicycle; instead it will slow down gently and retain its balance, giving the rider a chance to safely get off with becoming an object of laughter. Onboard sensors will take care of the forward and backward axis self balancing aspect as these sensors make around 1000 balance calculations per second to keep you stable.

Talking about the looks of the SBU, you’ll be amazed by its compactness and sexy looks. It has a three piece frame, constructed from black 6061 aluminum alloy. In the event of an accident or crash, the frame will not lose shape as it is has been protected by the seat. The foot wedge too is sturdier and will prevent it from twisting.

You can purchase this amazing unicycle for $1,795 and ride through the neighborhood flaunting the innovative green technology that is a sure good measure to deal with congestion and pollution.

Via: Gizmag

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