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Saving the rainforests, what can you do?

Saving the rainforests

As the new buildings are being erected and celebrated, we must not forget the price we are paying for them. The forest area is depleting at a hair-raising pace to make space to accommodate urban needs. Especially the rainforests; they are home to about 75 percent of species of plants and animals. We are responsible for deforestation that has resulted in extinction of many of the inhabitants of rainforests.

Since we are responsible for the incalculable damage, we need to assume responsibility to make things better as well. Going by this rate, global warming is becoming a bigger threat by each passing year. You can contribute to saving rainforests by simply doing these things.

Bring down your paper consumption

paper production

The amount of paper we use is one of the biggest reasons why forests are disappearing so quickly. Look around the house and think of ways by which you can replace your paper consumption. You can start by using notebooks wisely, avoiding disposable paper plants and bowls, avoiding paper bags, and many such things.

Avoid having beef

Eating beef has resulted in deforestation of rainforests as well. As the demand for beef is increasing, cattle farmers are increasing their farms and cutting down trees. By not eating beef, you are contributing greatly to the environment.

Cut back on meat

reduce meat consumption

Apart from beef, there are many animals that are reared to feed the human population. And it has resulted in expansion of cattle farming for which more and more rainforests are being chopped down.

By avoiding meat and switching to a vegetarian lifestyle, you can improve your overall health as well. You can start small by avoiding meat once in few days then increase the number of days once you get used to it.

Use cloth bags

Instead of using paper bags or asking for one at a store, carry your own cloth bags that can be used multiple times. Refuse paper bags and ask for fabric bags if there is an option.

Reduce your petrol consumption

adding fuel in car

Extracting petrol from land itself is responsible for so many problems including deforestation. By reducing your petrol consumption, not only will you save rainforests but you will also contribute towards the issue of global warming.

There are so many ways by which you can reduce petrol consumption; try bicycles instead of motorbikes, drive fuel-efficient vehicles, take public transports, avoid connecting and long flights.

Avoid products that contain palm oil

Palm oil is a huge reason for deforestation. It is found in almost half of the packaged goods all over the world. Palm oil plantations are replacing rainforests rapidly for the increasing consumer demand.

You can avoid palm oil by avoiding processed foods, checking the ingredient list, and eating grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables instead.

Help those who are helping rainforests


There are organizations around the world striving to save rainforests. They are working day and night to reduce deforestation. You can help such organizations in their goals to save rainforests by contributing some money.

But if you feel that you don’t have the money to donate, there are always ways by which you can gather money for the cause. You can conduct fund raising activities like bake sales, or talent shows.

Support local organizations

There must be active groups near where you live trying to save trees. Look up for organizations near your house and join hands with them. You can directly save trees and make a significant difference in your area.

Try volunteering

Try volunteering

If you think that you can have better impact by directly participating in the struggle to save rainforests, you can volunteer. There are organizations around the globe that are dedicated to saving trees. Apply for a volunteer program that suits you the best.

Spread awareness among people

Not everyone might be aware of the rapidly depleting rainforests. By spreading a word about the condition of rainforests and the impact it can have on us, you might convince people to join hands with you for the cause.

You can start by teaching those who are close to you and then do it on a larger scale to reach a wider audience.

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