Recycling your socks the eco-friendly way

Discarding those old and torn pair of socks is always a problem. But, not now, thanks to all that creativity the Lord spared us. You can now recycle your socks in most eco friendly manners. Here is how to go about it:

Socks make awesome cleaning props for the house

Old socks FOR cleaning

Your socks can actually help you have a clean house as these make nice cleaning props/ dusting rags. Just slip them in your hand and start cleaning your kitchen, with your all-new self-created cleaning rag. Socks can be easily attached a stick, fastening it with a tread or a rubber band and can be helped in cleaning those areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Polish your shoes with old socks

Polish your shoes with old socks

Once you used your socks for innumerable times, it now time, not to discard them. Use them on the outside of your shoes now. Use old socks for cleaning and polishing, your shoes. In fact, socks are great cleaners of leather. So, now you know how to clean your leather bags, belts, and shoes.

Do not let the love for soft toys die out ever, all it needs is a sock

Soft toys can be made by filling your old socks

You can make plenty of toys, out of your old socks. Soft toys can be made by filling your old socks with cotton or foam. You can also use these socks to make puppets. Cutting them out appropriately and fitting it on your hand. You can add little joys your life with old and torn socks.

Socks make great covers

bottle covers

Socks because of its shape make ideal bottle covers. Using a sock as a bottle cover is a great measure for storing them, when you fill the bottle with hot or cold beverages. It also acts a great insulator for hands. In addition to this, you can also use socks for insulating your furniture against the bottoms of hot and cold bottles.

Hot and cold massage packs

Old socks can make good massage packs

Old socks can make good massage packs, be it hot or cold. All you need to do is fill these socks with something intact like beans, rice, any type of grains etc and convert them into hot packs putting them in the microwave for a while or turn them to cold packs by refrigerating them.


Discarding socks can be real fun and turns out to be the most eco friendly habits one can inculcate in their daily ways of life.

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