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Recycled roofing materials for your home to make it organic and natural

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The kind of material selected for your roofing can have a big impact on the environment. Recycled roofing materials are increasingly preferred due to their environmental benefits. One ton of recycled material used for roofing can save 17 trees, 24,000 gallons of water and 2.4 barrels of oil. They are available in various designs and look very attractive just like the conventional roofing material. Moreover, recycled roofing materials are even proved to be durable. In a study done by the United States Department of Agriculture, the recycled roofing material experienced lower heat-related expansion and contraction than the normal plastic roof tiles. Recycled roofing materials are made using different materials. Some of them are elucidated below:

Recycled Tires

Rubber roof shingles made of recycled tires are one of the best options for your roofs. Roof shingles made of recycled tires are more durable, dependable and eco friendly than the normal concrete and slate tiles used for roofing. These are also very cheaper when compared with ordinary tiles. Roof shingles made of recycled tires are made from the tread section of the tires, which is first cut into large pieces and is then heated. Later, the pieces are coated with different kinds of dust like sawdust or slate dust. The dust used for coating also comes from recycled sources like mills or recycled slate tiles. The steel belting originally found in the tire is left intact when making roof shinglesm, making them stronger and durable than the conventional roofing materials. Roofing material made of recycled tires carry a Class A fire rating. They cost a fraction of the normal materials and often come with nearly thirty year warranty from the manufacturers.

Recycled Metal Roofing

Roofing material made of recycled metal is a good environmental choice. Recycled roofing materials can be made from metals like steel and aluminum. Shingles made of metals are made with metal extracted from all kinds of old consumer durables, old machinery, old cars, etc. The main advantage of these shingles is that they are extremely long lasting and at the same time very light in their weight. They usually last 3 to 4 times more than the conventional roof shingles. Shingles made of recycled metals can be recycled again after their usable life time is over making them even more eco friendly.

Recycled Wood Roofing

Wood from old furniture is commonly used again for making flooring and recycled furniture. Reclaimed wood is also used for making wooden shingles. They are generally made from wood reclaimed from mills, bridges, old water and wine tanks, and other sources. Apart from shingles, real reclaimed wood is also used for making shakes which resemble raw split logs. Even though they are made of old wood, they are as much durable as any other type of roofing material. Recycled wood roofing is suitable for people who like a more natural home appearance.

Recycled Plastic Roofing

Roofing material can also be made of recycled plastic extracted from old plastic bags, toys, and bottles. They are a very good substitute for wood and metal shingles as they can be made in several shapes and designs. Unlike recycled wood and metal roofing, recycled plastic roofing is resistant to moisture, bacteria, insects, and chemicals. Due to this resistance, they generally need little maintenance. Like recycled metal roofing, plastic roofing made of recycled plastic can be again recycled after their usable lifetime.

Recycled Slate and Tiles

Many slate and roof tile manufacturers are now offering the roofing material made of salvaged slate and clay roof tiles. As slate is a natural material, durable roof tiles can be made using it which can last hundreds of years. Roofing material made from salvaged slate is also very durable compared with other recycled roofing materials. Some companies selling recycled roofing material from slate and tiles offer warranty up to 100 years for their products.

Recycled Carpets

Roofing materials like shingles and tiles are also made of old carpet. Old carpets are separated into several components and made into shingles. They are extremely lighter in weight when compared with any other recycled roofing material. Some roofing materials made of old carpets also have the natural look of wood.

Any of the above specified roofing materials can be selected by you depending on the need. The conventional roofing material generates 3 percent of all municipal solid waste each year as they are not durable. Usage of recycled roofing materials can reduce that waste to a large extent and help in conserving the environment. The only problem in selecting recycled roofing materials is their price which is a bit higher than the conventional roofing materials.

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