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Quick tips to use solar energy in your home

by Ecofriend1874

There are various ways you may utilize the sun’s energy, ranging from powering your appliances by installing a solar panel to heating your house in winters. Several applications may help you utilize this renewable energy in a better manner and that too without any investment. There is just the need to think of a useful design. Using solar energy can keep the home environment clean, as it does not cause any pollution. Also, you would not have to worry about the supply and costs. Let’s see some different ways the solar energy can be tapped to be used at home.


  • Solar pool heating

Grab a solar pool cover or pool enclosure from a clearance sale and use it to warm the water in your pool so the swimming season lasts longer for you. It’s a great advantage to utilize the sun’s energy for your recreational benefits.

  • Making sun tea

The sun’s energy can let you enjoy a cup of healthy and delicious tea. Also, it is very easy to make it. You just need a clean and clear glass container to which water has to be added. Then, for each cup of water, add a tea bag to it. Add an additional tea bag after that. You may add two extra teabags if you like to have strong tea. Place it under the sun for about two hours and then add your favorite sweetener to it. Enjoy your cup of sun tea.


  • Home heating and cooling

Use passive solar techniques that do not involve power generation as most of the active solar energy utilization methods do. It means that your house and interiors can be designed in a way to harness the sun’s energy to its best.

For example, you may open the south-facing windows’ blinds during the fall season so the heat and light may enter the house. This natural light will not only benefit the health of occupants, but also cut down on your home energy bills to a good extent as you would not have to utilize heating equipment till the solar energy is warming up your house. The same way, keep the shades closed during summers to cool down your house. That would save on the energy the cooling equipment use.

  • Solar PV installation

Save on your electricity bills by getting the solar PV installed. It will produce energy during any season and time when the sunlight is freely available. Choose an efficient solar panel that can meet your energy requirements to a great extent.


  • Indoor lighting

Your indoor lighting requirements may be fulfilled by using the solar tubes.

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