Plan an eco friendly camping trip with your family with these ideas

eco friendly camping trip

Camping outdoors brings you in contact with nature. You and your family experience what it is like to sleep under the stars, enjoy the story telling around the bonfire, and so on. As an eco conscious family, you wouldn’t like to let go of your green living style while camping out. You may think camping as an eco friendly activity already, but there are ways to make it even more friendly to the environment, so that your presence in nature has a minimal impact on it:

Camping gear

eco friendly camping trip

Camping gear should be strong and sturdy. Cheap equipment is not durable, so invest in high quality equipment which will last for many years. Used good quality gear is better than a cheap one which might not even last one season. Waterproof tents and good air mats will serve you and family well if it rains. Buy reusable bamboo or paper plates and metal cutlery rather than plastic plates.

Sleeping bags

Try to find sleeping bags made out of recycled materials. You can use cloth blankets to keep your warm, if the weather is good.

The tent

There are solar tents which make your camping experience unique. These tents are made from fabric which conserves solar energy, have wireless charging pouches, and can be lit up through an app on your smartphone.

Another green tent is the hanging tent. It is designed for situations when the ground is too soggy and cold. The ‘Stingray’ tent fits three people, and can be hung from trees or any other high structure.

Apart from the above two tents, you can find tents which are made from 100% recycled fabric and is coated with solvent free coating. Glampers can check out wooden cabins which are prefabricated.

Tread softly

eco friendly camping trip

Wearing shoes with soft soles will minimize you trampling on the grass and insect / wildlife. Rather than leveling the ground before setting up your camp, leave it be. Enjoy the variation of the ground and use mats and cloths to level the ground if need be.

Green cleaning

If you’re camping for more than a night, you’d have to wash your utensils. Use biodegradable soap rather than toxic detergents. Instead of dumping the waste water into the river or stream, empty it on the grass or dry ground.

Repelling mosquitoes


There are herbal/natural mosquito creams available which will keep the tiny pests away. Some lanterns also double as mosquito repellents when they are lit. Lit lanterns keep away any possible predators too.

Portable stoves

Open wood fires may be dangerous – consider buying a stove which can burn wood.

Portable lamp (solar)

Portable lamp


Portable but collapsible solar powered lamps are a green solution to heavy lamps that you have to carry around.

Food storage options

Buy containers which are phthalate and BPA free, as these chemicals might get into your food and cause you harm. You could use steel containers to store your food.

Refillable water bottles

eco friendly camping trip

Instead of many small bottles, carry large container out of which you can fill refillable bottles several times.

Avoid the tech

When you are in the middle of nature, you should avoid your laptops, tablets etc. Use your phone as little as possible. Field guides can help you to identify animals and plants in and around your campsite.

Buy biodegradable or eco friendly toiletry products

Natural soaps, biodegradable detergents and dish soap are a better choice for the environment, as you would not be polluting the environment around you with harmful chemicals.

Be careful with your fire


Buy a manufactured log which is eco friendly or collect deadwood for your fire. Be sure you watch the fire carefully and when you leave the site, put it out with water, so that your fire does not cause any harm to the environment.

Leave the campsite as you found it

When you leave the campsite, clean up the area thoroughly, gather up all wrappers and so on. Leave the site in as pristine a condition as you found it.

Making eco friendly choices such as avoiding plastic cups, plates and straws, will reduce plastic pollution. Your camping trip could consist of more than just going outdoors– it can be an opportunity for you to inculcate love of nature in your children.

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