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Pixel Qi looking to develop low consumption retina displays

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American company Pixel Qi doesn’t appear to be pleased with all the power hungry displays around. The maker of computer display technology has involved itself in manufacturing low consumption displays with high resolution that don’t adversely impact the environment. To give consumers a chance to purchase energy efficient displays, the company will be launching a low retina display that could rival Apple’s iPad. According to founder Mary Lou Jepsen, the device will have the same resolution as the iPad at 2048 X 1536 pixels but will consume just 2 watts of power compared to the iPad’s 5 watts.

Pixel Qi to Deliver Low-Power Retina Display Rival

Pixel Qi’s retina display is still in the developmental stages and there’s no word on the launch date. The company is on the hunt for hardware partners so that the device can be mass produced. Unlike the iPad’s requirement to consume 3 watts of power in dimly lit environs, Pixel Qi’s technology will use a mere 0.08 watts.

What the company will have to work on is making sure that its device retains vibrancy. So far, it’s been criticized for having a faded appearance unlike the iPad’s rich retina display which boasts greater accuracy and color saturation. At the moment, Pixel Qi uses an e-ink like display that doesn’t require too much power but compromises on vibrancy.

Pixel Qi will have to work hard to compete with existing technologies in the market like AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus that’s being used on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7. If it can work out the kinks and figure out a way to enhance saturation, then tablet makers are very likely to switch to low consumption displays. And, it isn’t just power consumption that eco conscious individuals are worried about. Modern retina displays also give off heat which only adds to the growing problem of temperature rise, especially indoors.

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