Outdoor and indoor DIY projects with repurposed aluminum foil

repurposed aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is one of the most used things in your home. There is a lot of it lying around which ultimately ends up in the trash. Instead of throwing away aluminum foil, you can repurpose it to make some really useful things, and some beautiful décor items too. There are some really simple DIY projects you can do with retrieved aluminum foil quite easily.  Here are some ideas for you to be inspired by:

Some outdoor uses of repurposed aluminum foil 

Scare away birds

Scare away birds

Dangling some aluminum foil from your fruit tree/s might keep away birds who are afraid of the shiny foil. Your fruit will be saved from the birds and even some pests which are light-sensitive.

Protect your saplings

Saplings need protection from deer and other hungry animals, especially during winter. Wrap the trunks of young trees in aluminum foil, to save them from being eaten. But be sure to remove it after some time, so that the plant gets enough space to grow.

Sun box

Sun boxes are really useful in directing the sunlight to your plants, especially if your apartment faces west and you don’t get enough sun for your plants. With sun boxes, you don’t have to rotate the plants every couple of days. Make your sun box  by sticking  some aluminum foil in a shoe box and placing it in your balcony where it will reflect the sunlight towards the plants.

Keep the bugs and slugs out

Slugs and bugs can undo all the hard work you put into your garden. After caring for your plants, it’s frustrating to see them eaten up by bugs and slugs. According to some avid gardeners, you can protect your plants from these pests by putting in a layer of aluminum foil in your bed, on top of your normal weedblock.

Indoor uses

Reuse it to soften brown sugar

brown sugarImage Source :

Brown sugar tastes great, but is difficult to work with, as it forms lumps after some time. You can soften brown sugar easily just by wrapping the brick of your brown sugar in some leftover aluminum foil and put in the oven (temperature 300F) for about five minutes. Your softened brown sugar is ready for all your needs.

Protect your pie-crust

The problem with pies is that the outside gets done faster than the inside. With this simple trick, you can say goodbye to blackened pie crusts – just cover the top of the pie with some aluminum foil and enjoy perfect pies every time.

Innovative cake pans

You can bake any shape you want using aluminum foil. Hearts, triangles, or any cartoon character, can be shaped from some foil and placed in a baking tray or container to bake the unique, original cake.

Reheat pizzas

hot pizza


To get the best taste, you just have to wrap the pizza slice in the foil and bake for approximately five minutes at 350F, and enjoy the delicious pizza again.

Craft uses of reused aluminum foil 

Copper leaves

Punk 12 leaves from a copper colored sheet of foil. After flattening the leaves, burnish the leaves to make folds for the veins with a bone folder or wooden spindle. Cut out a length of foil according to the base of the candle, with 1/4th inch width and join it to form a ring. Fix the leaves to the ring and place them at the base of the candle. Your beautiful copper foil decoration is ready to be used. 

Foil icicles

repurposed aluminum foil

Take some waste foil and squish it lengthwise, and roll it as you would roll some play-doh. Make one end sharp while flattening the other end. Apply some glue to the icicle and cover it with glitter, and attach an ornament hook to the flat end. Hang it to decorate your tree and make it look really special.

Aluminum foil paintings

Create beautiful paintings by cutting out beautiful shapes, flowers, leaves or any other from your retrieved piece of aluminum foil. Stick these shapes into a beautiful pattern on a canvas and display your DIY craft to wow your friends and family.

There are many more ways in which you can use aluminum foil you have retrieved, you just have to use your creativity and imagination!

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