10 Green facts about biodiesel


Biodiesel serves as the best alternative means to a diesel fuel. It is made up from many organic and renewable sources. The entire process of producing a biodiesel involves reacting vegetable oil or animal fat along with a catalyst. It is further utilized in an original form or used by bio-diesel that is petroleum-based.

Biodiesel does not require any modification in the fuel system of diesel engine and it can thus be used in all types of a diesel engine. Biodiesel is considered as a biodegradable and a non-hazardous product thus serves as the best safe and easiest means as used globally in varied industries and environments. Biodiesel saves a substantial amount of cost in development, adjustment, research, and technology. It is due to biodiesel that there is a substantial reduction in reconstructing several distribution factories and firms for fuel.

10 Green facts about Biodiesel

1. Biodiesel contains a higher number of cetane when compared to the diesel fuel of U.S. It contains a superior lubricity along with the highest content of BTU. The low-blended biodiesel level can greatly enhance the diesel fuel lubricity. It does not deter the operating performance even when used in fuel injection equipment and in an existing engine.

2. Biodiesel have also completed the testing health effect requirements under the act of Clean Air. It is thoroughly tested and proved to give the same quality performance when compared to a petroleum diesel. This serves as the best beneficial means for the global human health and environment.

3. Today more than three hundred major fleets that are using this fuel as it has been successfully proven in performing equally to the diesel in almost 50 million of road miles in diesel engines, off-road miles and number of marine hours.

4. There is a solvent effect of pure biodiesel that releases deposits which accumulates over the pipes and tank walls due to the usage of diesel fuel. The high concentration of biodiesel helps in reducing the frequent replacement of clogged the filters as normally observed due to the usage of other fuels in the diesel engine.

5. Biodiesel is also considered as a promising replacement to the traditional energy petroleum. It is produced through many sources like waste of vegetable oils, animal fats, plants and crops like mustard, sunflower, plam, hemo and pennycress. This alternative fuel is known to be a simple diesel fuel that is made from varied sources of biomass. Biodiesel is grown domestically rather than utilizing the foreign ground resources.

6. Biodiesel is also known to achieve a highest balance of energy level as in any fuel of transportation. The life cycle, analysis done by DOE/USDA also shows that biodiesel delivers about 3.2 units energy in return for every single unit of required Petroleum energy.

7. There are many Progressive auto company manufacturers that endorse the usage of B5 for their trucks and diesel cars. However B20 that is known among the highest blends require the usage of universal standards of fuel biodiesel.

8. Biodiesel serves as the best Petroleum Displacement as the oil prices are going higher and higher day by day. Diesel is becoming most expensive globally thus, stressing the need for utilizing a Biodiesel that is not only affordable but quality based too.

9. Biodiesel is made up from a promising source known as algae which is a scum from an old pond. Cultivating and farming of Algae as required to produce fuel is thus becoming viable commercially and has a successful future ahead. Under the right environmental conditions, algae can be accumulated in double its weight and that too in a day’s time. The production of Algae does not displace the farmland as required for food stocks. There is also no requirement of a soil or a particular place to grow algae. Reports show that there are places that yield commercially more than 20,000 oil gallons per acre in a year.

10. As per the successful vehicle companies it is the viscosity that is more important than the concentration and primary focus on the energy content or higher quality biodiesel blends. The modernized and clean diesel engines require a precise delivery timing of a fuel apart from the process of metering. Thus, a slight change in the viscosity of a fuel will surely make this metering a challenging task. This ultimately makes the modern diesel engines smoother and silent in their workings. It for this reason that today there are more than 14 firms investing in millions to develop manufacturing and marketing plants for the biodiesel. Today, there are more than 200 millions of biodiesel capacity gallons existing globally.

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