Orto Bikes: 20 artists create 20 dazzling new reworked bicycles in just 10 days!

This is a bike reworked project that comes from a place in Europe that not many of us are familiar with. Twenty artists in from Ljubljana, Slovenia have worked their magic to turn old and discarded bicycles into brand new ones that are not just unique, but will surely turn heads as they pedal away on streets. A project taken up by Slovenian phone company Orto, the recycled bicycles already seem to have the attention of the world thanks to their special designs that makes every single one of them sport an unmistakably distinct personality.

Recycled Bicycles Turn Pretty

The project was carried out and finished within a 10 day period and some of the best artists and design firms in the region took up the challenge of turning old bike scrap into new bicycles that would spread the message of pedaling with pomp and unabated glitz. There is one for everyone here with the ‘Big Bang Theory’ fans who would love the solar system on wheels model, while the gals who would like to go the next pop starts having an option of bikes with plenty of ‘bling’. There is the bicycle that looks like the perfect fit in a ‘Police Vehicles Unit’ and many others that bring about a special flavor of their own.

The design and recycling effort shows what can be done if creative minds and green intent come together. You can transform something that is seemingly worthless into an object that will once again find a home. In the process you can enhance your own lifestyle as well. Cycling has both ecological and health benefits and put it together with recycling and this is a combination that shouts out green. Check out the video to see the transformation…

Via: Greenpacks

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