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Best organic home cleaning products

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Implementing organic cleaning at homes has become a necessity today with traditional cleaning agents using harmful chemicals like phenols, ammonia, chlorine and napthalene. There are quite a few natural and organic cleaning agents that work as effectively if not better than the traditional cleaners. You could create your own natural cleaning agents at home and economize or you could wisely invest in some of the branded cleaning agents available in the market.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products contain essential oils and naturally-occurring cleaning agents that work hard and yet are gentle. They arrive in scents like lavender, lemon verbana and geranium. Their geranium scent has been received very well though the other two had some consumers complaining about the ‘not-so-good’ aroma. These products arrive in recyclable packaging and are made of completely bio-degradable ingredients. The range includes hand soaps, dish soaps, bath scrub, kitchen spray, carpet cleaner, wood cream, fabric softener and stain remover.

J.R. Watkins

J.R.Watkins that specialized in body-care products has now arrived with home-care products too. With the increasing realization of the harm caused by chemicals used in chemical cleaners, it seems to make perfect sense for the company to thus expand. Apparently, the satisfaction and performance of the body-products seem to have rubbed off the their home-care products as well. Based on non-toxic, plant-based formulas, the cleaning products are bio-degradable, phosphate-free and have been naturally derived. It is not that they are more effective than traditional cleaners but they are definitely more pleasant in odors and greener in usage. The packaging design is both compelling and gorgeous.

Nature Clean

Most of the ingredients that go into making cleaning agents are derived from petroleum products. Nature Clean has arrived on the scene with a complete list of laundry-care products that are based on vegetable-derived ingredients. This ensures that the residues on clothes do not cause irritation and allergies. Petroleum-based laundry agents have been known to cause respiratory problems and even cancer as they may contain chlorine, napthalene, phenol or ammonia. Using natural cleaning agents is even more worthy of recommendation as petroleum-based products are becoming one of the major cause of household poisoning among children. In addition, since it is not made of castille soap, it is safe for cleaning baby diapers too.

Simple Green

This cleaner, de-greaser and oil-stain remover has all the qualities that would endear a cleaning agent. It is non-toxic, non-abrasive, bio-degradable, non-flammable, readily available and even affordable. Ten times lesser alkaline than other cleaners, the cleaner arrives with a dilution chart that helps you get the right mix for various applications. Extremely useful to clean up barbecue grills, oil spots and grease stains, Simple Green is also extremely useful in clearing grime build-ups. Since it is available in huge 5 gallon jars also, you can derive greater economy from its purchase.


Shaklee packs organic, super-cleaning concentrate into bottles and packages that store 16 ounces of cleaning agent, which is equivalent to 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaners. These products are useful for reducing household waste too and on a average about 108 pounds of landfill waste can be kept away annually. This is a powerful cleaner with almost no odor and is available only through agents and online ordering.

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