Orbit washing machine concept eschews water and chemicals for cleaning

In an age of highfalutin automobile concepts and ostentatious architectural projects, our scope of imagination has certainly expanded beyond the domestic ambit. Interestingly, very few of us would have really thought about how a futuristic washing machine would look like in 2050. But, Orbit washing machine concept design by Electrolux, rendered by industrial designer Elie Ahovi, is bamboozling and worthy of your attention.


Set in the year of 2050, the designer has anticipated that majority of the global population, 74 percent to be exact, is shifting to urban areas. As an evolutionary impact of this city based environment, people would be surrounded by advanced technology. The Orbit washing machine will be one of those contraptions that truly epitomize this rampant technological progression on the domestic front.

In the conventional scope, washing machines and associated drying components tend to use chemicals, high power and large spaces. Thus he came upon the practical and user friendly functionality of the Orbit; a self sufficient machine that would not require any soap or water to clean your clothes, while operating in a noise free ambiance.

Oddly enough, it is the blatant novelty of the visual design that has seriously tickled our fancy. The designer has intriguingly envisaged the system to be of a completely spherical shape, along with a hollow ring like component fitted with magnets. The spheroid is composed of double layers of shatterproof glass with heat insulation and a superconductive material.

For starting up the machine, the users just have to place the transparent sphere ,with unwashed clothes inside it, on the rim of the hollow ring. As for activation, this spherical drum is fitted with inconspicuous yet sturdy batteries that generate the required power. These batteries adhere to the self sufficient system of charging up by induction technology.

Now, coming to the main working mechanism, the aforementioned spheroid is infused with liquid nitrogen to accentuate upon its superconductive capacity. So, once there is a level of persistent electric current flow through the spherical drum, a unique case of magnetic levitation occurs due to the effects of electromagnetism within the circular field helped on by the embedded magnets in the ring. This in essence, turns the floating spheroid into an electromagnet, which is automatically controlled by electrical impulses.

Finally, coming to the washing mechanism, the spherical component follows the system of cryogenic cleaning. This includes a jet of solid carbon dioxide being purged at supersonic velocity from pipes installed within the spheroid, which in turn helps in removing all the stains and contamination from the clothes. Moreover, the negative ions from the reaction improve upon the freshness of the clothes and also purify the internal air.

So, at the end of the day, the Orbit washing machine insinuates a totally sustainable form of cleaning clothes, without the wastage of water or use of chemical components. And since we have come across an innovative technology fueling this ‘green’ mechanism, the chances of its commercial success with future consumers becomes higher.

Via: ElieAhovi

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