Kansas New Driver’s License? Is It Secure?

New Driver's License

IDs have existed in many forms over the years that we have needed them for. Whether it’s a piece of parchment paper with a seal on it or a piece of rectangular plastic with all your info on it, IDs have always aimed to have a standard look and feel.

Of course, that also means they can be (and are) forged. That’s why countries, cities and states often update their IDs to make them more secure. They might change the look, materials and even the security features to accommodate for a new design. The Sunflower State of Kansas is doing just that with its new driver license design, but the question is, is it really secure?

The New Kansas License

New Driver's LicenseFor a while now, the good old Wheat State has been pretty constant with its driver’s license. However, recently, there have been plans to upgrade it with a new design that promises even more enhanced security.

This new ID is being developed to put it in line with the new federal requirements for – surprise, surprise – airport security. It is a common enough reason for states to update their outdated ID designs. Kansas is calling this new design the Real ID based on the Real ID Act.

Looks and Features

So, what can you expect the brand-new Kansas ID to look like? Well, for starters, they have overhauled the visual design. You will find that the background for the ID is a bit different than the old one. The layout itself is still fairly similar, though, and you can expect a lot of the same kind of details on the front and back of the card.

As far as security features go, there are a couple to look out for. The biggest, most obvious one is the large gold circle on the top right with a white star inside. This feature has more importance than just being a visual feature to stare at. It gives you special privileges like being able to board a domestic flight by the year 2020.

If that wasn’t enough, this also gives you the right to step foot on a military base or other federal facilities by the year 2022. It is a nifty feature to have and definitely worth some bragging rights.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and this new license carries a bunch of it. To get the new license, you have to deal with the new requirements and documents that you need to bring in. Be prepared to bring in your social security, birth certificate and maybe even your passport. You are expected to do all this by the 1st of October 2020, when all state residents are required to have the new ID.

Is It Secure?

New Driver's LicenseWhen it comes to ID security, you are bound to find different opinions across the board. While no ID is ironclad in its security, it does not mean you can just slap one together in an evening with Photoshop. If you read IDGod Reviews then, you can easily spot the basic flaws in Kansas fake ids. The basis for the new ID is to follow the Real ID Act that was passed in 2005. That means it has to follow much stricter requirements and regulations for it to be a legal form of identification.

No doubt, the new Kansas driver’s license is aiming for a new look and updated security features that are supposed to make them much more secure than ever before. This is why the new driver’s license has been asking for citizens to bring in all kinds of documents that were never asked before. There’s a good reason why you are being allowed to board flights with just your ID when airport security is getting tougher by the day.

This brings us back to the question: is the new Kansas driver’s license really safe? Well, yes. If you take into account everything that the new driver’s license has over the old one, you can probably guess that the new driver’s license is much more secure and safer. It is definitely worth the hassle to get.

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