Olympic Legacy receives grant for rebuilding Eco-Friendly Pool

It would seem that people are implementing green practices is the best ways possible and everyday people come up with some amazing new ideas for saving the planet. Let’s take the example of small district of Paulton. They have decided to build a swimming pool that is eco friendly in celebration of their Olympic legacy.


This outstanding project is being founded by a grant of 50,000 GBP that was awarded to Olympic Legacy Fund by the National Lottery and the Sport England associations. This money will go towards the project that will refurbish an old swimming pool construction to give it an eco friendly outlook. Plans for the pool include the installation of solar panels, thermal panels that will ensure the efficient use of alternative sources of energy that will help power the systems.  All the windows and doors will be replaced by efficient units that will prevent the leakage of hot or cold air, ensuring that the heating and cooling systems will not be over used unnecessarily. They will also install LED lighting that is brighter and will not consume as much energy. The National Lottery is an organization that sometime permits grants to deserving committees who have taken on the responsibility of rebuilding their local community halls, facilities. These improvements will serve a dual purpose as the charity organization will be able to save money on electricity and other operating costs. The organization is a non-profit one, so funds can at times be difficult to acquire. The pool was originally built in 1975 and was on the verge of closing down three years back due to a lack of funds. A management team consisting of new members had come together to raise funds that were need to save the building from foreclosure. The funding from the Olympic Legacy has come at a perfect time for the Paulton Pool that has developed a time table covering all days of the week. Garry Yoxall, the chairman of the Paulton Pool Managing Committee, is overwhelmed by the award and believes that lowering the emissions through Eco Friendly construction will help them to save on costs. The money saved on the operating costs can then be invested into developing programs that are fun and affordable.  These programs can then be enjoyed by the local community members who will be able to use this on of a kind facility for socializing and leisure.

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