Five weirdly amazing green products that will surprise you

It is true that our world is in grave danger due to the increasing rate of environmental pollution and wastage of energy resources but the solutions that some environmentalists and scientists have come up with can leave your mouth open in wonder. All over the world environment conscious people are trying to cut down their carbon foot print and reduce the wastage of water and electricity. Solar power is being used in new and innovative ways for substituting the use of electricity generated in power plants. Green products are the order of the day as they can curb the pollution rates. Some scientists have put on their thinking caps and in their mission to save the world they have invented some really weird yet useful green products that will stun you into disbelief. In the following 5 such bizarre green products are discussed.


Pet fur sweaters:

The fur of animals was used for making cold resistant clothing for humans. Fur is not only expensive but it is also not humane to use animals for our personal benefit. You can, however, use the fur of your pets. You can always use the excess pet hair of your furry dogs by trimming it lovingly and then use the pet hair to make vests or sweaters.

Earthrace- the human fat powered boat:

Earthrace was declared the best fast moving boat on planet earth. This boat was powered with the help of human fat. The owner of this boat, Pete Bethune, himself donated his body fat to get it moving. Fat from liposuction procedures can be used to fuel such boats and soon the world will be a fat-free zone.

Big butt for collecting rain water:

If you use this green product then your neighbors may doubt your level of morality and taste. The British people have invented a new rain collecting barrel shaped as the human butt. It is available in three different skin tones.


The Soccket:

The Soccket is a truly outstanding green product. It looks like a soccer ball and generates power whenever it is kicked or thrown. Kids can now produce energy by dribbling the Soccket.

Water Pebble:

If you want to reduce the wastage of water during shower then use the water pebble. It changes its color from green to yellow and red if you use too much water unnecessarily.


Not all the green products may be equally brilliant or practical; however, some of them have usable concepts that manifest creativity and the power of innovation.

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