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Nokero N220 Solar Bulb: Illuminating the dark corners of the globe with green energy

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The many advantages of solar power are well known to anyone who regularly follows trends of the sustainable energy market. The biggest pro of solar power is its omnipresence and unless you are at the poles or live in an area with constant cloud cover, you will have no problem tapping into its vast reservoir. With over twenty percent of the world’s population still living in darkness, which might seem like a staggering statistic to some of us, the potential of alternate clean energy to change lives across the globe is huge. The problem is not so much with the lack of technology but the shortage of initiative. awareness and application.

Nokero's Inventor Creates a Solar Light Bulb

Nokero is a company that is trying its very best to change that. Their latest offering is the N220 Solar Light Bulb and with integrated solar panels at the back of this LED lighting unit, it serves perfectly for a multitude of necessities. You can just hang this daft little unit in the daytime to ensure that it is charged optimally and once the sun goes down, all you need to do is switch its LED brightness on to serve your lighting needs.

The N220 is priced at around $29, but it would be provided for less to NGOs and voluntary organizations that wish to order it in bulk. Nokero, short for No Kerosene, aims to spread green technology and more importantly solar power by offering a wide range of solar products and the N220 is only one of the many gadgets that they plan to bring out in order to provide clean power.

Most of Africa and South East Asia is blessed with rich solar energy and if they can tap into it, then homes everywhere can light up with ease. But products like N220 need to be a lot cheaper to achieve the purpose of mass consumption.

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