Cooking up Energy: Waste gases from fried chicken offer clean power

Seems like environmentalists and green enthusiasts are finding amazing new ways to convert everything that we considered as discarded and useless into energy sources that power us on. At present we have not been able to tap the full potential of the available alternate sources, and therefore exploring newer ones seems a bit far away. In this context, Yu Chin-hung from Taiwan has just found a way to convert all the waste gases from a chicken frying stand into enough energy that will drive a whole chicken cart unit.

New green technology converts fried chicken into electricity

In essence, the idea of Yu Chin’s invention is to create a cooking unit that will be independent from external power sources and can power itself on with ease. The process of frying a chicken obviously produces plenty of heat and all this heat and the gas produced can be channeled to generate energy in a unique way. It would be interesting to know if other cooking processes too can produce the same result. There are many kitchens across the globe that get uncomfortably hot while cooking and this technology might be translated to achieve similar results.

This special chicken cart is currently on display at the exhibition of dual use military technology in Lung-Yuan Research Park, Taiwan. The fried chicken power was inspired by military technology that uses heat from vehicles to produce additional power for the vehicle. While the technology in itself might not be revolutionary, it could help those many scores of fried chicken stands that you normally see and could improve quality of working conditions a whole lot.

Via: Focustaiwan

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