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Nissan Leaf to go wireless!

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Hassles will be reduced in the new green cars from Nissan. Now there would be no need to use the plug-in cables and equipment to power up your vehicle. To power up its green cars, Nissan is coming up with the all-new Nissan Leaf, which will use the amazing wireless charging technology to charge cars. This will bring a relief to so many busy executives and auto owners. It also shows that the applied technology in clean and green cars will only get better with time, which is quite comforting keeping in mind the environment issues. Also, there is more to the good news; it doesn’t take extensive amount of time to charge the auto. The time required to fully fuel the vehicle is the same as that taken by the standard plug-in gear. Let’s have a look what more does it offer?

Future Nissan Leafs To Be Charged Wirelessly

Thanks to the electromagnetic induction, your car will be charged up without the need of plug in wires and equipment. A ground transmission system will provide electricity to the receiver unit of the auto, using electro-magnetic flux generated underground. In the ground transmission unit there are coils, when electricity is run through, the magnetic flux produced transfers electricity to the coils of the receiver unit in your car. Just park your auto over the ground transmission unit. The car is guided by a lighting system and informed if the parking spot is right for charging up easily! As soon as you park the vehicle, the charging process begins, and you can monitor its progress on a control panel.

The technology will be available in new Nissan Leaf models, which will come out in 2013. However, it cannot be slotted in the older version of the same eco-savvy auto. Although, only a pad for the battery system and an additional software is required to run the wireless charging operation, there are no provisions for upgrading the older Nissan green cars and incorporating the wireless charging feature in them.

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