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Nintendo Controller Coffee Table handcrafted out of wood

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We do sometimes miss the giant arcade stores that drew plenty of attention each evening, even though most of the games they offered back then are nothing compared to the dazzling graphics and serious gameplay of today’s titles. Sometimes you do feel like going back and playing in the simpler era when things were a lot less fancy and you were happy and satisfied with that. One of the things though that has not got better with the evolution of gaming controls is the standard buttons that you get. They just are a pain at times and can give you days when your thumb hurts like hell. But this Nintendo controller coffee table solves the problem of little keys for sure.

Functional nintendo controller coffee table

Coming from The Bohemian Workbench, this Nintendo controller table is not just a showpiece that is intended to mimic the real deal. You can actually take off the glass top whenever you are in the mood to have some fun and can actually use it as a controller and we bet you would have whole lot of fun playing Mario with the coffee table controller. All you need to do is hook up this all wooden controller to your NES and you are good to delve back into the good old days.

We love the idea of making a coffee table controller that actually hooks up with the NES and the fact that it is made of maple, mahogany, and walnut woods is the added perk. It is completely biodegradable, but we do not obviously see anyone who has one of these throwing it away, so one need not worry about more e-waste anyhow. And if you really want it bad, then you can get it for $3500 right away.

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