A new method of fabricating nanoparticles to revolutionize the hardware industry

The quest for more high performing, efficient and inexpensive electronic devices is the need of the hour. Scientists often discover and build novel technologies to improve upon the development process of fresh electronic gadgets for various purposes. A new research conducted by a team of scientists at the Universities of Arkansas and Utah suggests a fresh method to create nanoparticles and nano films to boost the production of more efficient devices.

A new method of making nanoparticles and nanofilms

The study emphasizes on the significance of starting the process of production from the molecular stage itself. Here the nanoparticles, which are so small that human eyes can’t notice, act as the basic building blocks. Well, it will boost up more stable, reliable and less raw consuming production process of electric devices in future. The researchers are further working to find out more fresh materials and advanced techniques to build and assemble these nanoparticles.

The researchers created their test nanoparticles from materials like gold and fixed them on silicon substrates via an innovative chemical process. What is cool with these nanoparticles is that they are less expensive and, most laudably, nontoxic. Moreover, they tout superior distribution and densities when compared to the nanoparticles produced under the conventional methods.

According to Keith Roper, a chemical engineering associate professor at the University of Arkansas, their research has discovered a method to produce the highest ever particle densities. Various analyses and atomic force microscopy have simply revealed the fact. The method also facilitates faster preparation of nanoparticles than traditional practices like lithography or self assembly. Hopefully, the new methods to produce more efficient nanoparticles will revolutionize the hardware production industry in coming years.

Via: NanoWerk

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