New cleaning products with embedded enzymes could mean cheaper laundry bills

Doing laundry also adds to chemical content that gets flushed down the drains and eventually reaches water sources. While there are treatment plants that clean up the sewage water, a decrease in the addition of these chemicals could be really helpful. Enzymes are the catalysts in detergents that help effectively clean clothes and remove dirt. Quality and expensive enzymes are the difference between the expensive detergents that offer better results and the cheaper ones that are not so good. But scientists have come up with a new way to make laundry a lot cheaper and use these expensive enzymes more than once.

Advance could mean stain-busting super scrub brushes and other new laundry products

Enzymes such as amylase, cellulase, protease and lipase break down oil stains, dirt and mud into smaller pieces that are soluble in water. This helps in easier removal of stains. But once the washing process is done the enzymes are washed down the drain, despite being still active. These costly enzymes can be used several times over to get the same results and new plastic utensils and brushes are now being developed that do exactly the same.

Scientists have ingrained these four enzymes onto plastic surface of the cleaning brushes and utensils and a wash with these while using cheaper detergents has given the same or even better results than using expensive detergents with ordinary plastic brushes and containers. The enzymes were successfully reused for over 200 washes over a period of 3 months and this new technique of ‘reusable enzymes’ could help make cheaper cleaning products that offer excellent results. Of course, it also does away with wastage at the same time.

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