Natural ways to stay cool during summers without using too much energy


During the summers, the scorching temperatures can take a toll of our health. Though this is the time when you can enjoy some fun summer activities, but you also need to be sure that you take all the necessary precautions to stay cool. Along with the summertime comes the fact that due to the constant use of the air conditioner your electricity bills might mount high. While some people can easily afford the bills, not everyone might be able to do so. Here are a few effective ways that you can stay cool during the summer time without putting the AC on for too long.

Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible

Drink adequate water

There is nothing than water to beat the summer heat. Not only do you have to make it a point to stay hydrated during the summers, but it will also help to cool the temperature down your body. You can also think about having juices, which are cooling in nature so that internally your body can sustain the heat.

Put tints on the windows

Another good idea to prevent the heat from seeping into your house is by blocking the sun by putting tints on the windows. This is not just an effective cooling method but it is also useful especially during the afternoon when it gets very hot due to the temperature rise.

Frozen treats are the best at this time

Frozen treats

When it comes to frozen treats, the summertime is always the best to cherish them. They are not only fun to make but can also be tasty. You also get special moulds or cups, which come with built-in sticks that are very similar to the Popsicle. Instead of opting for the readymade ones, you can make your own frozen treats through natural ingredients.

A small trick if you are using a table fan

For people who do not have the benefit of an air conditioner, and are living on a budget, this trick will surely come in handy. If you have a table fan, you can make your own AC by simply placing a hold of cubed ice right in front of it. This will not just cool the room, but at the same time give you the same cooling effect that you would get from an air conditioner.

Spray water on the curtains


Spraying water on your curtains is another technique that can help you in cooling down your house. All you have to do is just put some water in a spray bottle, and sprinkle that water on the curtains. If you want, you can also make some essential oil so that there is a nice fragrance in the room.

Avoid hot water parks

As much as a hot water park would be well, coming during the summer time it is always best not to do so. Having a bath with cold water during the summer time is beneficial for you in a variety of ways. During the afternoon, considering that the temperature is very high the water on the overhead tank becomes warm and sometimes even hot depending on the temperatures or the place where you stay. Bathing early in the morning is the easiest way to avoid hot water baths in summers.

Get yourself a cooling sheet set or a cooling pillow


In the market today, you can find a cooling sheet on cooling pillow that is designed specifically for the summer time. These are compact in size, which makes it easy to carry along with you. They come in different priced range depending on your choice. You also have special solar powered ones and even the ones that come with a specialized gel. Another option you can consider is taking a few cubes of ice and putting it in a zip lock bag. This will also help to keep you cool during the summers.

Invest in exhaust fans

Investing in exhaust fans can be really cost-effective. During the summer time, the heat that comes from the ceiling or seats in from the windows can make the place even hotter. When you have exhaust fans installed inside your house, it pushes out all the hot air and keeps the place cool. Another option on this front would be to purchase a whole house fan that can be placed on one particular spot. Both these methods will do the trick.

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