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Monocasco Electric by ART-TIC: Green version inspired by Santiago Herrero

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of admiration and if that is the case then design studio ART-TIC surely have great respect and admiration for racing legend Santiago Herrero. The latest design of a concept electric bike designed for urban commuters coming from ART-TIC not only pays tribute to one of Spain’s earliest racing heroes but it does so in a green and clean fashion. The all new concept vehicle created by them is powered by an electric engine that promises to eliminated carbon emissions and save on the usage of fossil fuel.

Monocasco Electric Bike by ART-TIC

While we have not been enlightened yet on what the designers would like to put inside the Monocasco Electric, which is designed to mimic the original Ossa Monocasco with slight tweaks here and there. The modifications such as the seat position of the bike were incorporated to ensure that the new electric version is a lot more comfortable to ride on and is more suited for the roads than the tracks. The design sure seems retro and a complete throwback to the world of motor racing in the 70’s and 60’s with even the finish looking more ‘antique’ than futuristic.

As far as the bike’s inspiration Santiago Herrero goes, the man who worked so closely with Ossa to design championship winning bikes passed away after he crashed at the 1970 Isle of Man Grand Prix while he was riding an Ossa. The shock of the incident was so profound that Ossa never raced again. But with this being a road bike designed for Ossa, maybe they will roll out limited versions of models just like the Monocasco Electric to showcase their love for Santiago Herrero.

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