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Seven modern looking homes built in factories

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Jeriko House Prefab

Factory-built in homes are no more the semi-permanent kind of infrastructures. There are some amazing homes that have been built inside a factory. This process is very efficient and also pocket friendly. Apart from all this it is also environment friendly because of the green living it offers along with the sustainability. The process of building these homes is simple and involves a section of the warehouse where climate controlling is present. The final worksite is the place where the sections are shipped and then later joined to produce the final area. Those who haven’t heard much about Factory-built in homes, listed are the 7 greatest prefab homes with all the modern elements.

1. RK1 Living Home – Ray Kappe

RK1 Living Home - Ray Kappe

The RK1 Living Home was introduced as a modern example of high-end prefab. Their first contract was for the popular magazine wired and hence the home was later dubbed as Wired Living Home. No modern element has been spared out of the RK1 but the price will actually keep you wondering. Any custom home built like the RK1 will actually cost in seven digits at the minimal but RK1 has a starting price of $852,500. Ray Kappe and partner Keiran Timberlake have many more models for the prefab homes which are priced as low as just $219,300.

2. itHouse – Taalman Koch

itHouse - Taalman Koch

The itHouse is a brilliantly structured prefab which rests outside California’s Joshua Tree National Park. This place is absolutely energy-independent and is equipped with features like passive temperature control, floor heating solutions and solar paneling which is photovoltaic based on the roof for the supply of electricity. The interiors are furnished with modern elements that merge with the desert environment created in the space via floor to ceiling windows. The price of this in-built factory home is $165,000 for the basic design.

3. Glidehouse by Michelle Kaufman

Glidehouse by Michelle Kaufman

Michelle Kaufman Designs is a popular name in the prefab business world. And when Michelle Kaufman herself steps into work, her product Glidehouse prefab gets the attention that it thoroughly deserves. This design is easily available for consumers with the construction of the basic model starting at $200k. The charges of development, options and shipping can drag the price to $450,000.

4. Hidden Valley Home- The Marmol Radziner

Hidden Valley Home- The Marmol Radziner

Another popular favorite amongst prefab’s is the Hidden Valley Home by Marmol Radziner. Its not just the design that attracts people but also the way it integrates into every possible space. The version of Hidden Valley Home is divided basically into two sections. This includes the living space and the bathroom with a swimming pool that is surrounded by a desert like environment for utmost bliss. The starting price of Hidden Valley Home is around $179,000. But summing it up would bring it closer to a six digit price tag.

5. WeeHouse – The Alchemy

WeeHouse - The Alchemy

So you like the bigger options, WeeHouse is what you should be looking for then. This full-size modern living area is a brilliant piece of work available at highly affordable prices. Starting at just $65,000 for the studio design, this serves as a 341 square feet, packed Manhattan mansion. A close look at the high end designs will surface 4 piece prefabs which have a starting price of $319,000, standing as big as 2090 square feet. The WeeHouse is situated in Minneapolis and is great for cooler climates.

6. Jeriko House Prefab

Jeriko House Prefab

Jeriko House renderings are popular but topping the lot is the 3 bedroom prefab which has been brilliantly designed so as to offer the best of amenities and space. Above that the design promotes green living. There is a software called floorplan modeler that lets the buyers customize their space and derive the price.

7. Prefab Dwelling- Kithuas 3

Prefab Dwelling- Kithuas 3

For many people prefab spaces are economically exhaustive and hence they stay content with the home they already own. But there are some developers who offer an alternate dwelling option as a supplement to your existing space. Want an independent office? A man-room in the backyard space? It can be anything at all.Kithaus 3 has come up with a supplement model that adds to your existing space instead of replacing it.

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