E-mmerse Concept: A futuristic sustainable solution for an exhilarating driving experience

Emmerse Concept Trike

The automotive industry has certainly come a long way since the advent of petrol engine in late 19th century. And now after 806 million vehicles on the road (by figures of 2007), consuming over 260 billion US gallons (980,000,000 cubic meters) of gasoline and diesel fuel per year, the predicaments faced by us average consumers brings us back to square one. On one side of the facet there has been an evolution of tremendous scope in case of the design of vehicles, while on the other hand the gas guzzling machines have rather increased their appetite for our precious fuel. So, what if there was an endeavor that fused the advancement of design criteria along with a solution for fuel efficiency? In relation to this, the E-mmerse Concept enters the picture, as a clear allusion to evolved driving experience with an eye for adamant sustainability.

Conceptualized by designer (and student) Kenneth Attard, the E-mmerse has envisaged as a electric quad bike with clear futuristic influence. The irregular pattern with sharp lines, the inherently sleek bearing along with the soberly black scheme – all of these visual elements allude to the contemporary evolution of vehicles we have been talking about. According to the designer, the intrinsic demeanor of the vehicle’s aesthetics is inspired from a myriad of robotic and animalistic themes. But beyond the scope of visual appeal, this quad bike concept is touted to satiate our ‘personal’ need for a rich driving experience.

A vehicle’s performance criteria are not the only attributes related to core user functionality. Rather, a holistic approach is required to judge a conception’s overall success (and usage by the user). In this regard, the designer has made it clear – the quad bike will embody the unabated, unhindered freedom of a motor-bike (in its drive mode), while the design (structural mode) will impart a sense of security and stability, which is only found in four wheelers.

Now, the overall essence of safety is a very interesting point made by the designer. Partly, because commercialized quad bikes (in a generalized way) do not actually have the greatest of safety records. As a matter of fact, according to the Euro NCAP test, the vehicle’s occupants would suffer “serious or life-threatening” injuries in a 64 km/h (40 mph) crash. Even the UK Department of Transport concluded that quad bikes may not be safe over specific speed limits. In view of all of this, we would certainly hope for an advanced quad bike (such as E-mmerse) to address the core safety issues usually found with its brethren.

Finally coming to the much lauded point of sustainability, the vehicle will be driven by low emission electric motors integrated with a sturdy battery pack. Making that ‘street legal’ jump from being just a neighborhood electric vehicle, the E-mmerse has been envisaged as a alternate form of transportation which imparts a unique driving experience. So, its predecessors may have been known for their not-so-good performance, but the E-mmerse may finally make its plunge as their progressive yet sustainable savior.

Source: Coroflot

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