Minimizing your exposure to toxic substances in this synthetic world

Synthetic toxins without any doubt are harmful for the environment, but direct or indirect exposure to toxic chemical can be equally dangerous for you and your family. Entering our body through water, air, food, cleaning products used at homes and offices, plastic container, personal care products, building materials, and many other sources, these chemicals are harmful for people of all age groups, including the fetus in the womb. With our reliance on these products, we might not be able to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals altogether, but we can definitely reduce it with little awareness and changes in our lifestyle. Here we have listed some easy and effective ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals.

Say no to plastic bottles:

Young man holding a bag of plastic bottles for recycling
Young man holding a bag of plastic bottles for recycling

Plastic bottles are not just perilous for the environment but also human body, as they release endocrine disrupting chemicals that enter our body through water and beverages they contain. Therefore, you must replace plastic bottles with glass and steel containers to prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer caused by endocrine disruptors. Unlike plastic bottles, you can reuse glass and steel bottles, which apart from being saving money also are safe and environmentally sustainable.

Trash all your cleaning products containing chemicals:

Young man wiping glass table with cloth (focus on hand and cloth)

Modern cleaning products may ensure easy cleaning and sparkling interiors, but they also contain several toxic chemicals that can trigger several diseases and harm your body. It might not be possible for you to control these products outside your home, but you can easily replace these products with natural cleaning products, such as vinegar, baking soda, lime juice and so on, in your home to make it free from synthetic toxins.

Organic food:

Portrait of a young smiling woman with a plate of vegetables - isolated on white.

Switching to organic food is the best way to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals like pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and more, which are aplenty in traditional foods like meat and dairy products. Eating organic is not just healthy but it also helps in sustaining the environment. Even if organic food affects your budget severely, you must make it a priority and eat conventional food on occasions.

Switch to green personal care and cosmetic products:

Close up Portrait of Young Woman With Red Lips.

Personal care and cosmetic products currently available in the market contain over 12,000 chemicals, such as laureth sulfate, parabens and oxybenzone, and most of them are harmful for your overall health. Therefore, switching to cosmetics and personal care products made using green products and practices can be a good idea to minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals.

Toxic chemicals are as perilous to our health as they are to environment. Hence, it becomes important for us to change our lifestyle and switch to organic food and green products to reduce our contact to harmful chemicals.

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