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Microsoft Goes Green with new website for Eco-friendlyPC’s

by Ecofriend1874

For those involved in the latest updates and releases regarding PCs and laptops and more specifically in PCs, there are only two names that come to mind off the top of the head, Microsoft and Apple because of their ownership of the two most popular operating systems in the market. Each of the two has tried their best to get one over the other using various marketing techniques as well as technological advances. The latest one by Microsoft, has even the experts scratching their heads; for the billion dollar company has taken its social and environmental commitments to heart and has designed and built a website for customers to help them choose eco-friendly PCs.



The latest development in sustainability by Microsoft sees them help customers through the website by telling them and pointing out, which of the PCs have been made in more environmentally sustainable ways. The website has been called “Greener IT Challenge”. There is no discrepancy between the websites indications and the certificate received by the PCs. The greatest challenge when it comes to protecting the environment is the power consumption that haunts every user to some extent or the other. Therefore Microsoft has also dedicated a section to advising users how to optimise their power consumption and thereby reduce the electricity bill at the end of the month.



E-waste has a devastating impact on the environment as it has a substantial amount of plastic as well as heavy minerals that can, through bio-magnification, harm humans in an amplified manner. Therefore a part of the website deals with how older computers can be disposed off in an environmentally friendly way. There are also pointers that can tell people how to reuse the older components of a PC. All of their advice helps on protecting mother Earth and does their best in preventing electronic items from ending up in open air landfills.


And moreover, to show that the people at Microsoft just do not engage in hollow talk, there are links that, if followed, will lead the users to official websites or agencies that set the green IT standards which ought to be abided by the companies. According to Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability department the new practices that have been implemented have caused a 32% reduction in energy consumption of PCs, this along with reduced CO­2 emissions has done a significant lot to save the company money.

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