Michael Robbins uses sustainably sourced wood to create beautiful handcrafted furniture

Furniture made from sustainably sourced wood is in huge demands these days. Not only does its use allows homeowners to cut down significantly on the overall cost of the furniture in comparison to items made from rarer woods, it also helps them cut down on the carbon footprint of their new home. a lot of people have started to use wood veneered furniture instead of full wood items in order to go green and retain an element of stylishness in their furnishings though designer and woodworker Michael Robbins illustrates just how perfectly sustainably sourced wood can be used to create some stunning wooden furniture pieces.


The Upstate New York native grew up in surroundings that lent him an innate love of wooden furniture, wooden home and wooden furnishings though he relocated to Northern New Mexico to learn the craft of woodworking for himself. Using a joy of form, utility and simplicity as the starting point for his creations, the designs and handcrafts each piece of furniture sold under his label himself. Using sustainably sourced wood, the designer created an adobe home and built a series of chairs and stools for it from his own designs. Robbins eventually moved back to Hudson Valley in Upstate New York where he began producing furniture out of an old barn.

Having just released a whole line of furniture for Fall 2012, the designer is now all set to launch his new collection which explores the form and structure of simple everyday furniture and the challenge of the build that it represents. At the moment, Robbins’ lines include lighting fixtures and tables as well though the most striking quality of all his creations remains that they are all handmade by the designer himself, all of them use planet-friendly wood and all of them are produced in extremely small quantities which ensure exclusivity for clients as well.

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