Meyers leads Eco-friendly efforts during Green Apple Week

Matt Meyers is a 7th Grade teacher at middle school by the name Robert R. Lazar and the school is based out of Montville. Re-cycling projects and Green ideas have been Meyers priority for long now. Meyers has always strongly advocated his students to have a green way of thinking. He often gets together his students, faculty and parents in order to educate them about recycling. In his endeavor to educate people on environment protection and he has also started an Environmental  Club at Lazar school.


[box_dark]What does the ‘Environmental’ Club Do?[/box_dark]

  • The club often does sessions with parents, students and faculties on recycling. The participants are educated about recycling, its benefits, what it means, what all can be recycled. The importance of giving back to the environment.
  • He counsels people to improve the green initiatives already in place. The initiatives include turning off lights when rooms are not in use, turning down air conditioning when the school day is over, making compost for his outside classroom with discarded materials from the café.
  • As an example Meyers often comes to school on his bicycle, thereby making people realize the difference such small steps can make. He encourages his students as well to make use their bicycles for coming to school.

[box_dark]Contribution made during the ‘Green Apple Week'[/box_dark]

Matt Meyers leads the ‘Environmental Club’ at the school and thus contributed significantly to the ‘Green Apple Week’. As the head of the school club students undertook a lot of Eco-friendly initiatives under the guidance of Meyers to make a contribution towards the ‘Green Apple Week’.

  • One of the activities that was done during the week was to measure the weight of the recycling containers and the garbage containers after every lunch period through the week. The purpose of the exercise was to make students aware of the amount of waste and trash generated by students, teachers and the staff everyday.
  • Under the ‘Green Apple Week’ initiatives students at the Lazar school also learned that how some of the waste material could be recycled and put to good use. This was an eye opener for the students as  earlier quite a lot of re-useable trash was earlier simply discarded.
  • All the recycling containers and garbage can measures were carefully recorded and a proper data has been maintained for these at the school club.
  • The data that has been collected will be used to see whether the entire exercise done during the ‘Green Apple Week’ has resulted in more recycling of trash.
  • The club members have also worked towards introducing the new single stream recycling being conducted in the district this year.

In this manner Meyers and his school have made a significant contribution to the ‘Green Apple Week’. Basis his good work Meyers has been nominated for the Grassroots Award. It is nice to see so many people contribute to the cause of saving the environment and going green. The way things are moving, our generation next will be more careful and aware of the environmental hazards. Matt Meyers efforts are simply commendable and he truly deserves to be nominated for the award.

The work being done by Meyers is a great contribution to the society and mankind at large. He is preparing an entire generation aware of the hazards posed to the environment and what all can be done to lower the impact of such hazards. He is making an entire generation equipped with Green practices and the green way of life. The effort is small but will make a huge difference.

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