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Man encases himself with a tree in a plastic bubble

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If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of having a plastic wrapped around your head, you will know what it feels like to get strangulated and breathless inside the horrifying cover. But, an artist from the Middle East has decided to wrap himself with a lush green tree inside a giant plastic wrap to prove a point to all those who are too blind to see the plight of our planet today and the urgent attention it requires

Saudi Artist Sucks Oxygen From a Plastic-Wrapped Tree

Saudi denizen Abdulnasser Gharem had first presented this exhibit at the 8th Sharjah Biennale some time back, but its message is still as relevant today as it was back then. Depending on your perspective, you can interpret his action in various ways.

First off, by wrapping himself up with a Cornocarpus Erectus tree and still being able to survive, the artist is emphasizing on the essential life giving qualities of plants and obviously is encouraging growth of flora in an increasingly urban world. But, if you can just look deeper, we would like this image to be a representation of man covering nature and himself with toxic waste and junk on a constant basis. Eventually, the day will come when the giant plastic wrap called pollution will completely engulf our planet today and choke us.

And since there might not be many people who would visit fancy art conventions, Abdulnasser decided that he would take it to the streets and he did so with plenty of success.

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