Challenges and Ideas for Making Urban Transport Sustainable

For sustainable development of cities, transportation also plays a major role. As it provides access to reach markets, homes, or other commercial places on time. Unlike conventional transportation means, people should focus more on sustainable ways for commuting around the cities.Public transit, pedestrian walkways, and bike paths are some good ways to upscale urban transportation. However, following are some effective ideas to implement sustainable urban transportation.

Urban mobility strategies

proper management of transport systems

  • There must be proper management of transport systems for both public and private vehicles. After thorough planning, these must be appropriate steps to implement sustainable transportation throughout cities.
  • The funding policies must be as per government rules for sustainable urban transport services. A proper research must be done for direct technicalities and other policy recommendations.
  • Even international NGOs and other developmental banks can be aligned to work with local cities transportation needs. According to the requirement, these systems can provide needed financial help for proper transport services.
  • For maximum impact, a potential market must be identified for sustainable transport in private sector. This is because commuters in private sector are increasing immensely each year.

Integrated planning investment


Instead of focusing on single sector investment, global financial institutions must invest on integrated sectors, including energy, transportation, infrastructure, and land. This is because all these sectors are somehow interrelated and depend on each other for certain elements. Hence, all energy and focus must be put on overall sustainable development rather than one single sector. As the development of all these sectors together will help in forming a great sustainable lifestyle.

New motility networks

New motility networks

There are various New Motility hubs that connect sustainable modes of transportation through local points in a particular city. By electronically linking these elements together an integrated door-to-door urban commuting means can be formed without much hassle. Such mobility hubs are quite practical solutions for cities all around the world. This is because these connected hubs can even be customized to meet changing needs and resources of a local region or area.

These hubs can connect a variety of transportation means such as:

  • Taxi services and car sharing facilities
  • Multiple transportation modes, and operators
  • Bike sharing facilities
  • Developing walkways, bike paths, and transit-oriented ways of commuting
  • Connected cafes and meeting places
  • Electronic fare-payment facilities in all public transportation modes
  • Satellite-enhanced information about urban traveler for all modes of transportation 

Multiple funding

Multiple funding

These are multiple agencies in the world that willingly fund urban transportation projects for a sustainable future in cities. Such agencies are dedicated to the urban development, as well as enforcing transportation laws for developed city plans. For instance, biking improvement services and funding can be implied from both Urban Rural Development sector and Government. Together these forces can help the citizens in improving green transportation, and encourage people to embrace e-bikes and other e-transportation modes for commuting.

Learn from neighboring cities

Lady traveling by metro.

Every city is different with different kind of lifestyle and everyday challenges. But depending on their active lifestyle, sustainable transportation modes and services can be implied for greener ways of commuting. This way neighboring cities can also learn how to connect in a sustainable manner without leaving any negative impact on the environment. 

Local constrains

Local constrains

There might be some local constrains, such as no financial support from government’s side or any other technical solution, while implementing sustainable transportation modes. So, it’s important to firstly figure out the main roadblock and try to work on that first before implementing or suggesting any new transportation policies.

In coming years, a sustainable mode of transportation could lead to our planet’s betterment – provide it’s implemented with proper planning and networking.

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