7 Tips for a Greener Path to Your Laundry

If you are in the process of converting your home into a more eco-friendly abode, consider starting with the laundry. Unbeknownst to us, daily laundry tends to impact the environment in myriad ways. Right from water wastage to power wastage, there are several ways in which doing the laundry can increase your carbon footprint. Here are some of those common mistakes as well as some tips that can help you achieve a greener path to your laundry.

Change the temperature of the water

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Many of us tend to wash our clothes in hot water, meaning we waste a lot of energy in simply heating up the water prior to the wash cycle. A cold wash option on the other hand, ensures your clothes get washed without wasting too much energy in the process.

Opt for full load washes

Repetitive loads will only lead to more water and energy wastage. Instead of running the machine multiple times to wash just a few clothes each time, wait for the laundry to pile up until you can run a full load. A more eco-friendly option is to run full loads twice or thrice a week.

Use only Natural and Organic Products

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Another way to switch to an eco-friendly laundry is to ditch the chemical based cleaners in favor of natural and organic cleaning products, including natural detergents as well as stain removers. Natural cleaning products do not contain the chemicals and toxic ingredients like nonylphenol ethoxylate found in most synthetic cleaning products. Rather, they mostly contain plant derivatives and biodegradable surfactants that can make your clothes look clean and fresh without any bleach or synthetic fragrances.

Wash specific items only occasionally

There is no need for you to wash an item of clothing immediately after wearing it for just a day or even a couple of hours. Some clothes can go without washes for at least a few days of use. For instance, you can wash your jeans only once a week. The same goes for sweaters as well which can be washed once a week. To keep these clothes fresh and clean during this period, consider spraying a mixture of 50/50 vodka and water. On the other hand, hanging these clothes out in the sun can also eliminate odors and keep them fresh for a couple of hours.

Opt for eco-friendly dryer sheets

Not many of us can do without dryer sheets for fear of losing the texture of our clothes to static. However, these dryer sheets contain synthetic chemicals which can harm your health as well as the environment in the long run. These sheets are non-recyclable as well, meaning they would simply remain the landfills and contribute to environmental degradation once disposed of. If you find it hard to forgo the dryer sheets though, consider choosing eco-friendly ones that are recyclable and will not harm the environment in the long run.

Make the dryer more efficient

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Drying your clothes with the machine’s dryer can take up a lot of energy. Save this energy by emptying the dryer’s lint trap between loads. Some dryers also come with a moisture sensor to ensure that your clothes do not dry out too much. Then there is also the option of letting the clothes go through another spin cycle to remove excess water. All these tips contribute to a greener laundry which will have your dryer working at maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Skip the dryer completely

Feeling more eco-friendly? Then consider skipping the drying routine altogether when doing the laundry. Simply choose to dry your clothes on a clothes or drying rack. Not only will this let you reduce your carbon footprint to an extent, but it will also help remove wrinkles from your clothes by allowing the weight of the water to hold them down as they dry on the line. 

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your laundry a greener process. Via simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that you get the laundry done with minimal carbon footprint.

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