Lucy Robotic Lamp brings natural light indoors

Natural light promotes sound sleep, improves body metabolism and reduces mood swings, etc. Efficient natural lighting is also known to boost productivity at home as well as in the workplace. Sadly, not every room in the house or office has access to natural light. In most cases, these areas would need to stick with electrical lights in order to remain bright even on a sunny day, remaining dark and foreboding otherwise.

Lucy solar powered robotic lamp

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Thankfully, there is no need to worry about using lights for these rooms anymore. With the robotic lamp Lucy, you can reflect natural sunlight from a single point of source throughout an entire room.

Lucy is a solar powered lamp designed by Italian based design team Solenica. The robotic mirror has the ability to catch the sun’s rays and reflect them across the room throughout the day, thus flooding even the darkest of rooms with natural light.

Lucy is compact and easy to use. All you need to do is place the mirror under a window to capture the sun’s rays. You would need to position the mirror to face the sun in such a way that it is able to reflect the sun’s rays directly into the adjoining room which is dark.

Any mirror can do this. What is different with Lucy you may ask? Lucy comes with an adaptive mirror which actually tracks the sun’s position throughout the day. The mirror comes fitted with photo sensors that sense the sun’s movement and rotate the adaptive mirror gradually so that is allows maximum amount of natural light to be reflected into the room.

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All one would need to do is align the nose of the orb to face the ceiling of the specific area which needs to be illuminated. Lucy would then adjust its adaptive mirror in lieu with the sun’s movements to keep on reflecting light on the same spot on the ceiling without any electricity or batteries.

The futuristic crystal ball lookalike definitely packs in a punch with its ability to deliver 7000 lumens of light. Its sleek crystal ball like design allows it to be used anywhere in and around the house. You can even place it in a cramped space and still expect the same amount of sunlight to be filtered into the room all day long.

Lucy is a solar powered robotic mirror that helps reflect natural sunlight into the room. Unlike other mirrors, Lucy comes with photo sensors and an adaptive mirror that follows the sun’s movements throughout the day to reflect as much natural light into the room as possible.

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