Limestone tile: A perfect addition to your eco conscious home

Limestone tiles are very popular these days. They have both ecological and economic value. Most of the apartments, flats, and houses are using limestone tiles for flooring as well as on walls due to their manifold benefits. Limestone is a sedimentary rock consisting of Calcium carbonate. Given below are certain advantages as to why limestone tiles should be the ideal choice for your eco conscious home, and how installation of limestone flooring can add that perfect balance in your house.

Good appearance

Limestone tiles have a great finish. They do not age easily and are available in various colors such as beige, tan, off-white, etc. In addition, they are available in visually catchy colors such as bottle green, brown, and others. You can use combination of various colored-tiles to create patterns. Some limestone tiles also have fossils intact inside them. Their availability in various colors and textures allow them to be used anywhere. For example, limestone tiles that are green in color can be used in your garden. This will match your surroundings and enhance its appearance. Limestone tiles are most visibly appealing than their other counterpart. They have a unique luster and beauty. Limestone also defines class and brings an added glow to your house.


Composition of limestone is mainly calcium carbonate, which thus gets recycled in the environment very easily. Moreover, they are formed from cemented and compressed marine animal skeletons, organic waste, and seashells. Limestone tiles though eco friendly yet are durable, they do not corrode with time. In addition, they do not break easily if sealed and set properly, and are easier to work on than marble. Sealing is the process of coating or covering the tiles using some insulation material. It saves the tiles from wearing and degradation. It is very simple and one thin coating lasts for almost a year. White limestone tends to pale with time that is it becomes yellow in color. Timely and regular cleaning will keep a check on this and ensure that the limestone remains new as ever.

Easy to clean

Limestone tiles are very easy to clean. The coated tiles are resistant towards discoloration. Therefore, you need not waste your time and energy in rubbing off the discolored patches. Unusual, discolored patches give a shabby appearance to the floor, but this problem is negated or totally eliminated in case of limestone tiles. In cases where water or any other liquid is splattered on the floor, you can simply wipe the surface. It will not be visible. Some floors have absorption properties. The smallest drop of oil can be seen as a big stained patch once it is absorbed by the floor. This crisis is eliminated when it comes to limestone tiles. They do not absorb oil at all. This is another reason why discoloration is absent in such tiles.

Hygienically sound

Since limestone tiles are hypoallergenic in nature, they are most suited for people with allergies. They do not let small fibers or other allergenic material stick to their surface. Limestone tiles also do not let dirt settle on their surface. They are best suited for people with respiratory problems. Very simple cleaning will make your limestone tiles free of dust.


Limestone tiles have great benefits. This makes them ideal for not only floors but also for other areas such as kitchen platform, walls behind the kitchen platform, corner racks, tables, etc. The tiles are firm and give a great look. Most of the newly constructed homes use limestone tiles at various locations. Limestone tiles can also be used as furniture. Tables with limestone tiles on the top are quite sturdy and give elegance to the room in which they are used. Limestone can be cut to any shape you like owing to its structural consistency. Thus, there is much more to limestone usage than just flooring.


Limestone tiles have abundant qualities. Limestone is the next best thing after marble. The initial cost incurred is high, but limestone undoubtedly has long-term benefits. They are easy to clean, resistant to stains, and do not let dirt settle on their surface. Limestone tiles show heavy resistant in freezing conditions. They do not lose heat very easily. In addition, they do not absorb heat easily in extremely warm climate. Their temperature remains constant. With such benefits, limestone tiles should definitely be your choice.

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