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Jordon announces commencement of work on the Jordon Red Sea Project by 2013

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For Jordon, water is among the most sovereign commodities, whose scarcity makes it even more valuable. Water security of Jordon is threatened due to its dependency on desalination of the seawater. To make sure that in future, this obstacle does not hamper growth or affect the lives of people adversely, Jordon has finally announced the commencement of the first phase of Jordon Red Sea Project (JRSP) in 2013. The project aims to provide one billion cubic meters of water every year to Hashemite Kingdom, 2022.

Jordan announces work on ambitious Red Sea water project

The project is going to work in tandem with the existing Disi Water Conveyance Project for abating the prevailing acute water problems. The first phase of the JRSP is to draw water from Red Sea and desalinate it by channeling it through pipelines in desalination plant at Aqaba. This water is to be distributed to all the cities along the coast.

Water is vital to the economic development of a country and since Jordon also has to feed the thousands who come from Iraq and Syria for refuge, its water demands are shortly expected to touch the skies. Adding to this agony is the existing dispute that it has with neighboring countries over sharing aquifers. At the moment the project at Disi too remains incomplete, therefore, for a secured water supply to Jordan makes this project rather detrimental.

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