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Japanese student creates beautiful scrap metal sculpture

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Recycled art is making waves in today’s world where we see herds of people trying to do their bit for the environment. Reclaimed wood is being used to create wonderful artwork in the image of animals and people; discarded glass pieces are used to construct lovely functional and artistic lamps. The list is long and impressive. Recently we came across the works of a soon to be graduate of Japan’s Musashino Art University named Kuroudo Tsuji. The talented art student has sculpted what appears to be the head of a triceratops out of scrap metal and pieces of wood.

Scrap Metal Fossil.

The large art piece is currently on display at the university’s campus and has so far received much praise. We have no details on how he went about putting everything together so we credit his abilities to plain old Japanese ingenuity. Sufficient to say, Tsuji’s handiwork is rather life like and it will lead you to think you’ve stumbled onto an anthropological discovery of a lifetime. For now, we’re waiting to see if Tsuji will regale us with more such sculptures in the near future.

So what is it about recycled art that’s so appealing? For starters, it lets people create art out of so called junk. Most of the creations we’ve seen so far have been surprisingly good. It also extends the media of art, giving reality to those potential design ideas that they could never have been accomplished if made using plain old paint and brush.

Tsuji’s work can possibly be compared to the likes of Australian sculptor, Christopher Trotter. Like Tsuji, Trotter had also created a scrap metal fossil, but of a seahorse. Lately, Japanese artists seem to be making waves with their creations, drawing praise from various quarters. Such platforms like those offered by Musashino Art University offer students with talent a chance to show off their skills to the world.

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