Islamabad to be turned into a model green city

[box_dark]Process of making Islamabad eco friendly initiated[/box_dark]

Plans have been chalked down for making Islamabad a green city. Different sources have confirmed the news that various measures have been taken into use and practice so that Islamabad can be made a green city. The process that is adopted is to give the city a greener look and make it eco friendly. Along with Islamabad, various other cities of Pakistan is following suit to give Islamabad a complete makeover. In a meeting, which was held in the Pakistan, cabinet clearly showed the motive that Islamabad would be made an eco friendly place. Various proposals have been initiated by the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan so that the plans can work out in a proper manner.

[box_dark]The steps, which are taken to make Islamabad a green city model[/box_dark]

Under the proposals, plans have been put under the renovation of different aspects of the city. Under the plan, it was clearly mentioned that, there would a ban on the decorative lighting system, which is put up for every occasion. Along with this, city lighting system would also be reduced to 50% and will not be used if it is not urgent or required. Even the neon signs and lighting on billboards would be reduced so that useless consumption of energy is reduced. Along with this, lighting system inside and outside the shops would also be reduced so that energy can be sustained.

The plan that has been proposed has also stated that, the commercial or any other important even should always be held during the day so that light consumption is less. Along with this, usage of electronic heaters would also be reduced for conserving energy. Even the building codes would be renewed so that new forms of building can be constructed which would be eco friendly in various ways. Even the illegal construction would be stopped and a check on power theft would be taken into practice. While talking about the measures to make Islamabad eco friendly, problems related to sewage, wastage was also discussed, and steps related to controlling the garbage will be taken into use so that Islamabad can be given a new face.

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Along with steps to reduce the electricity wastage, steps regarding conservation of gas have also been taken. During the meeting, it was discussed that, there will be a minimum usage of gas geysers and heaters. This way, there would be a control over the carbon emission. In addition, it was also stated that, the leakage of gas should be checked immediately and fixed on priority. Steps towards eliminating the usage of gas generators are also taken into practice. Wastage of water will be kept on a constant vigil in all commercial and residential areas. Even the companies working in Islamabad would be adopting the eco friendly measures and systems so that they are able to play their part in making the city a green model and eco friendly.

[box_dark]How it would be done?[/box_dark]

For making the working effective, campaigns and awareness programs would be initiated so that people come to know about the benefits of being eco friendly. All the authorities are being contacted so that they can play their effective role in initiating the work process of making the city green. In addition, foreign stakeholders are also being contacted so that funding for the project can be taken into use. In some of the news reports, it was clearly stated that, some more meetings of the authorities is still scheduled so that process timing can be decided. The experts have stated that, the day is near when Islamabad would be considered one of the most beautiful and eco friendly cities all across the world.

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